How to Solve the Restless Weald Ruin in Horizon Forbidden West


Solving puzzles is a regular sight in Horizon Forbidden West, but solving the Restless Weald Ruin holds an ornament that players will enjoy later.

Horizon Forbidden West has a lot of Ruins to explore, and the Restless Weald Ruins are one of the many Aloy gets to explore on her journey. The various Ruins Aloy comes across have a different puzzle involving different skills and information Aloy comes across. For example, Aloy will have to put some railroad knowledge into practice at the Restless Weald Ruins to get the Ornament hiding inside the building.

The world of Horizon Forbidden West is set only a few months after the end of Horizon Zero Dawn, with Aloy searching for answers to get rid of the Blight endangering all life on earth. Getting around in Horizon Forbidden West to clear the Blight will have Aloy using different methods other than her feet with many different mounts available to use. Some of the available mounts to Aloy are the Chargers and Bristlebacks, which have great speed and power. Besides a few mounts, Forbidden West‘s Shieldwing glider has drawn comparisons to the glider from The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.


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With all of the transportation methods available to Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy also has an arsenal of goodies to take care of any threat in her path. Her trusty bow and arrow set gets her through most challenges, but the vast amount of skills at her disposal overcomes even the most challenging beasts. Of course, some unlockable skills are more evident than others, such as Potent Medicine, Overshield, or even The Melee Damage Skill that can help Aloy do a tremendous amount of damage. Still, one skill to not overlook in Horizon Forbidden West is Valor Surge Master, which helps boost Aloy’s powerful Valor attacks.

Horizon Forbidden West: How To Get Depot Office Key In Restless Weald Ruin

Horizon Forbidden West Restless Weald Ruin Key

On the Horizon Forbidden West map, the location of the Restless Weald Ruin is in the Northern part of the map west of the Plainsong Hunting Grounds. After arriving at the Ruins, go to the Southside of the building. On the outside wall, the number 1923 appears (The nine is upside down) with the help of the building’s materials. Afterward, search the West end to find a movable boxcar. Push the car away from the Ruins past a standing switch to change the boxcar’s track. After the change, push the car back into this Forbidden West Ruin, turning it into a platform to get to the next level. Cross the rope line on the right after climbing up, and get to the end of the line where the Depot Office Key awaits. To progress further, players will need special equipment like the Igniter and the Shieldwing Glider.

How To Open The Depot Office Door In Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Restless Weald Ruin Office Door

After picking up the key, hop to where the key was and look for a ladder with a red block on it on the left wall. Pull out the trusty bow and arrow and shoot the block to knock the ladder down. Next, glide to the ladder with the Forbidden West’s Shieldwing glider and climb up to find the Construction Year Data Point on the nearby table and a door that needs the Depot Office Key. For the door to open, use the console that needed the Depot Office Key and punch in the code from the building wall earlier, “1923.”

How To Collect The Restless Weald Ruin Ornament In Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Restless Weald Ruin Ornament

When the door opens, don’t jump right away. Instead, go to the end of the floor, take a moment, and look up to see a rope. Jump to catch the rope and slide to a new area. Upon landing, go to the wall in front of the drop point and ignite the Firegleam on the wall. From this point, find the boxcar again and repeat switching the track. This time, pulling the switch will return to the original rail the boxcar was on. Push the car into the building and climb the vehicle to reach the platform. Leap to the middle pillar from the platform and scuffle around to the other side. Once on the other side, jump to the ledge with the Ornament and pick it up to get the Stanfort Days Ornament.

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Horizon Forbidden West is available now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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