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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor doesn’t have traditional character levels earned by getting experience from completing tasks and defeating enemies. Instead, the experience that a Cal earns is used for obtaining skill points. Skill Points can then be spent on the many skills available in the game. With so many skills to learn and losing skills points for refunds, players need to be able to get more skill points quickly.

Obtaining experience thankfully isn’t hard, it’s simple as exploring the planets and completing various tasks throughout the game. The simplest way to earn experience would be to take down enemy after enemy, but that can be quite repetitive. Players should instead focus on a few tasks that reward the most XP.

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Complete The Main Story Line

screenshot of a cutscene in star wars jedi survivor cal kestis and Nightsister Merrin using the force with arms outstretched

The Main Story Line is one of the best ways to earn experience. Finishing key segments rewards a significant portion of experience and it also further develops Cals’ abilities. Over the course of the Main Story players will passively unlock new features, granting access to new stances, collectibles, and blocked areas of the map.

Additionally, the story expands the map further than ignoring it and simply exploring. Throughout the story more areas will open up to find more enemies to defeat and secrets to discover. Players can always come back to complete the many side quests, or “Rumors”, as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor likes to call them and continue to learn more about the worlds they are exploring.

Scan Everything With BD-1

left: screenshot of cal in front of a glowing area, prompted to sense the echo, right: showing xp gain in star wars jedi survivor

BD-1 comes equipped with a multitude of tools, some available right away and others unlocked later. One task that players can take is watching out for visual prompts to scan something nearby. Echos, Databank entries, and even slain enemies can all be scanned for a small bit of experience.

Echos can be found in many different places in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, they are memories of the long-forgotten past. These are marked by the glowing blue aura on the ground, typically the remains of someone slain a long time ago.

Databank entries are often trickier to spot; BD-1 will make an audio notification to alert the Cal to something nearby. Then as you get closer to it a prompt will appear for BD-1 to scan the area.

Slain Enemies can also be scanned by BD-1. Only the first time a player encounters and defeats them will the enemy be entered into the databank. These scans are also used in the Holotactics Mini Game in Pyloons Saloon, yet another challenge players can partake in for more experience.

Obtain Every Force Essence

screenshot: left: player approaching an unobtained blue force essence, right: skill point acquired notification in star wars jedi survivor

Force Essences can usually be seen from afar as the blue glow from these crystals is very bright. They are another reason to complete the main storyline as more areas are uncovered more Force Essences can be obtained. These crystals reward a variety of different upgrades ranging from an increase to the players Max Health, Max Force, and occasionally, they reward a very large amount of XP resulting in a skill point being obtained.

Complete Force Tears

2 screenshots: left: incomplete purple glowing force tear. right: cal jumping and avoiding a red forcefield barrier in star wars jedi survivor

These trials are much harder to find, with only 1 or 2 sparsely scattered across each region, they are found in corners of the map that most players won’t typically explore or are behind smaller puzzles or locked doors. Force Tears usually can only be seen once a player is very near to their location as they are very well hidden. They are glowing purple voids of energy that Cal can interact with when nearby.

Force Tears are trials within the game that test the player’s abilities. This can range from defeating waves of enemies to platforming puzzles and are sure to be quite the challenge. When a player completes a Force Tear they will be removed from the zone and rewarded. Much like Force Essences, Force Tears reward a large amount of experience that will grant a Skill Point.

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One last way to obtain experience in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is by simply battling enemies. When a player rests at a Meditation Point, basic enemies will respawn. This can be exploited in the sense that they can be a continuous source of XP. There is also a Perk that players can obtain, the Wisdom Perk, that grants more experience from defeating enemies.

There are more ways that players can obtain experience but the ones listed above are a good source of obtaining experience.

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Denis Ava
Denis Ava
Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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