It’s About The FIT: Debunking 5 Common Bra Myths and Misconceptions!


Hello everyone, I’m Carol, your friendly neighborhood bra fitter for The Curvy Fashionista! With a decade of experience in bra fittings, I’ve come across a plethora of clients from all walks of life, guiding them to their perfect fit. Throughout the years I’ve heard a few bra myths and have seen multiple misconceptions about the function of bras, bra structure, and all around fit issues that someone like me gets the chance to educate and change minds.

Unfortunately, those myths and misconceptions are ever pervasive, so I’m here to give people the rundown on what the heck is going on with their brassiers. 

5 Common Bra Myths and Misconceptions To Know!

Dia Co x ThirdLove bra myths and misconceptions

Misconception 1: Underwire bras for large breasts are uncomfortable and ugly

This is the one misconception I hear almost hourly while fitting people. The client walks in, already ready to be disappointed in a bra purchase once again because they’ve been a buying the band-aid color, department store, ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’ bra that has been stabbing them and strangling them for YEARS. And here I come swearing that there’s things out there for big breasts. It almost sounds too good to be true. 

But fear not! There are dozens of full bust brands from around the globe that are absolutely gorgeous!

Panache, Elomi, Freya, Fantasie and Curvy Kate are just 5 brands that have dozens of gorgeous styles and colors on hand for various sizes across the board. It may take a little searching, but the options, the colors, the style, the comfort and the sexy?

It’s all there!!!

Misconception 2: Age limit on underwire/mesh bras

Cacique plus size bras

Many mothers come in asking if there are any wireless tshirt options for their pre teen and teenage daughters because they are ‘too young for underwire’ and that simply isn’t true. An underwire is no more age restrictive than any other regularly worn piece of clothing. The key to it all is simply having the correct size and fit for their body.

And no moms, tee shirt bras aren’t the only option for your daughters.

There are so many colorful, fun, and age appropriate options that are available for younger girls now. Let them have some fun!

Misconception 3: Cup sizes are the same across band sizes

Many people will come up to me and say “so I wear a 36 or 38 B or C in my size.” Those are four completely different sizes with four completely different fits about the body.

What often happens in this scenario is that many people who wear bras are connected to a specific cup size that they’ve visualized in their mind as ‘just enough’ for their body and simply stayed within that range. A is ‘small,’ B is ‘medium,’ C is ‘medium large,’ D and DD are ‘BIG’ and God help anyone past that point.

In reality, cup sizes are proportionate to the band size they’re connected to.

So when I say 32D, the mental visual clients have is that of a very large cup, when in actuality, is the exact same volume as the 36B cup size they’ve been wearing all this time. It’s all a matter of ratios and proportions.

Misconception 4: Larger cup sizes aren’t ‘normal’ sizes

brassybra editorial image

Hearing a cup size bigger than DD, many clients ask “so what’s that in ‘regular’ sizes?” Large breasts are adored by the male gaze, but in actuality the amount of access (meaning walking into a brick and mortar store for same day purchasing) is still entirely too small.

Even with the advances of the internet, many larger busted individuals are hard pressed to find their sizing.

That being said, the H, J and even M cups you hear about are actual sizes on actual bodies. These sizes are not strange nor are they uncommon.

The oversaturation of the 34B-38DDD market in big box department stores has warped mentalities about what bras sizes are ‘normal’ and which are not. 

Misconception 5: Sleeping bras will prevent breast sagging

I am often asked which bras to wear to prevent breast sagging with age.

And I’m sorry to say folks: It’s not true.

Breast tissue is affected by a lot of factors in life: aging, childbirth, weight fluctuations, medications, etc.

The only way to regain breast tissue perkiness after it has been lost is by surgical means. 

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