Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Season 2 Horror Tease Solves 9 Problems From Season 1



Star Jenna Ortega has teased more horror for Wednesday season 2, which means an improvement on several of season 1’s biggest problems. The Netflix series struck the right chord with its first batch of episodes, and it seemed that the next installment couldn’t come soon enough. However, that’s not to say that the newest Addams Family story was perfect. Some aspects of Wednesday’s tale didn’t quite meet expectations—but that can all be fixed with a spookier second season.

Ortega will be more than just a star in Wednesday season 2—she is now an official producer. This means the actress will have a lot more say regarding production and therefore has the details of what to expect from coming seasons. Ortega teased that the next installment of Wednesday will lean into the horror—which is excellent since it was easily the best part of season 1. Overall, this subtle change in the Netflix series will not only make it a lot more interesting for horror fans but will solve some of the show’s biggest problems.



9 A Horror-Filled Wednesday Season 2 Is More True To The Addams Family

Wednesday jenna ortega the addams family

Wednesday takes a fresh, new perspective of the Addams Family characters, and this has overall been well received. However, because the series isn’t set at the spooky Addams home as in previous installments of the franchise, it was difficult for Wednesday season 1 to really capture the feel of its predecessors. This would surely change with additional horror elements. The inclusion of the Addamses’ love for the concept of death and pain throughout Wednesday—not just in scenes featuring the family—could make it feel a little more like the franchise everyone knows and loves.

8 Wednesday Season 2 Can Do Away With The Love Triangles

Composite image of Tyler, Wednesday, and Xavier

Perhaps the most criticized aspect of Wednesday season 1 was the love triangle. Thankfully, Ortega addressed this herself when she revealed that season 2 would have much more horror—the romances will be put to the side. This is bad news to Wednesday and Enid shippers since this ‘no romance’ rule for the Addams character would also apply to her relationship with her roommate. However, it means that Wednesday season 2 can focus more on the character’s individuality rather than throwing her with a romantic partner by default.

7 Wednesday Season 2’s Horror Focus Makes It Less Like A “CW Show”

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday in Wednesday episode 4

Another criticism of Wednesday season 1 is that it seemed to reduce its target audience to teenagers, much like a typical show from The CW. This is incredibly frustrating since most audiences who initially fell in love with The Addams Family are now adults looking for something more mature. Wednesday delivered on this in some ways, but the ‘teenage drama’ premise missed the mark in others. More horror could perfectly remedy this since it would distract from the relationship drama and bring Wednesday out of CW territory.

6 Wednesday Season 2 Can Do Away With The Obvious Red Herrings

Christina Ricci in Wednesday Season 1-1

The overt red herrings of Wednesday are another aspect of the series that made it feel like a teen drama. Though things like Tyler being the Hyde were a decently unexpected surprise, there were a lot of clues placed throughout season 1 that were clearly meant to distract. It was hardly ever a question that Xavier wasn’t the villain or that Miss Thornhill was more than she seemed. Ultimately, it felt a lot like Nancy Drew or Scooby-Doo-style misdirections. If some good old-fashioned horror becomes the center instead, Wednesday season 2 can focus on some far more chilling mysteries.

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5 More Horror Can Fix Wednesday’s Season 1 Morality Confusion

Wednesday Typewriter

Wednesday was a bit of a contradiction in Wednesday season 1. First, she claimed to relish the pain of others. Later, she told Thing that her greatest fear was that she would cause something horrible to happen to the people at Nevermore. In all, the character’s morality is inconsistent and confusing. It was unclear if she was lying to herself about caring for others or if Wednesday was working too hard to keep its central character likable while incorporating her macabre quirks. However, if these quirks become the focus of season 2, her character and morality can become consistent—for better or worse.

4 Wednesday Season 2 Can Have A Darker & More Evil Villain

Wednesday Tyler villain debate

The reveal that Miss Thornhill and Tyler were the villains of Wednesday season 1 was a good one, and seeing the boy Wednesday had begun to fall for turn out to be truly despicable was a lot of fun. However, since this duo was pretending to be friendly for the majority of the season, and even the Hyde saved Wednesday’s life, the series lacked a solid villain that audiences could love to hate for more than a few episodes. Wednesday season 2 can make up for this with a darker, more evil villain—someone so despicable that viewers can hardly stand it.

3 Stronger Horror Elements Can Mean A More Complex Wednesday Season 2 Plot

The resurrected Joseph Crackstone in Wednesday's season 1 finale

Part of what contributed to the teenage-focused feel of Wednesday season 1 was the relatively simple plot. Sure, a lot was going on between Morticia and Gomez’s past, Miss Thornhill’s family history, and Crackstone’s resurrection. However, the story itself was still somewhat superficial. There was nothing that really got audiences thinking or twisted their concepts of reality beyond the basics of supernatural fiction. If Wednesday season 2 brings the horror, the series can develop a deliciously dark plot to go along with it—hopefully, one that pushes the limits further.

2 A Darker Wednesday Season 2 Can Reveal Nevermore’s Secrets


Nevermore Academy has a lot of potential in the world of creepy mystery. Wednesday’s discovery of the Nightshade headquarters demonstrated this, and the snapping code to enter the chamber in Wednesday was a great touch. However, this was about as far as the series took Nevermore and its secrets. This is a shame since such a massive school that has housed centuries of gifted students should have several more hidden rooms and secret passageways for Wednesday to explore

1 Season 2 Can Develop Wednesday’s Friendships With Enid & Xavier

Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers in Wednesday season 1

Though the horror promised for Wednesday season 2 will bring obvious things like mystery and gore, it can also supply more opportunity for the titular Addams to build friendships with the students at Nevermore. This is because, without the frustrating romance angles, Wednesday can develop other kinds of relationships. Xavier has always been something of a love interest, but an eventual relationship would be more impactful if he and Wednesday have a solid friendship first. Then, in the case of Enid, her bright and bubbly personality would contrast even more with a horror-filled premise, making her dynamic with the Wednesday lead character even better.


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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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