Jennifer Lopez’s Marry Me Wedding Dress Weighed 95 Pounds


The wedding dress that Jennifer Lopez wears in the dramatic scene that gets her together with Owen Wilson weighed 95 pounds and needed a team of 5.

Jennifer Lopez’s dress from the new rom-com Marry Me was a 95-pound behemoth. Marry Me, which just came to theaters and Peacock, is a new blockbuster rom-com from director Kat Coiro, who will also be helming Marvel’s upcoming She-Hulk series. The film stars Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson alongside Maluma, Chloe Coleman, Sarah Silverman, and John Bradley, who is having a banner February, having also appeared in last weekend’s Roland Emmerich disaster film Moonfall.

The film’s plot begins when Owen Wilson’s character Charlie Gilbert attends a concert with his daughter. The concert is meant to be a showstopping event where musical partners Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) and Bastian (Maluma) get married onstage while debuting their single “Marry Me.” When she learns that Bastian has been cheating on her just before going onstage, a heartbroken Kat notices Charlie’s sign that reads “Marry Me” and tearfully agrees to what she believes to be a genuine proposal.


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Variety spoke with costume designer Caroline Duncan about what it took to make the dress the showstopping centerpiece of the “Marry Me” sequence that it is. The dress, which was designed by Zuhair Marad, is a nine-layer, 95-pound affair made of “silk taffeta, horsehair, and tulle“, topped with “crystals, silver, ruffles, embroidery, and lace.” According to Duncan, it took 5 people just to move the dress and even more to help Lopez get in and out of it.

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Duncan went on to explain how the dress serves as the central metaphor for the emotional place that Kat is in during the first act of Marry Me, and why she just might make the desperate decision that she does. While this decision seems reckless at first (and the dress feels emblematic of that), it ultimately leads to something that could prove to be even better for the pop star. Duncan reveals that “it’s a symbol of how that wedding had gotten too big, and it wasn’t honest and has taken over her ability to see who she was marrying.” Viewers can see quite dramatically how she is “trapped in this claustrophobic dress that’s like the concert — bigger than she is.

Marry Me has certainly assembled a team of interesting talent both in front of and behind the camera. The fact that everyone involved, especially Duncan, is making choices to help service the film’s emotional core and overall thematic resonance is an encouraging sight to see for a massive Hollywood blockbuster. This is probably a core reason that the film has become one of the only major American theatrical rom-coms to premiere in theaters in the past decade, and the first in the pandemic era.

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Source: Variety

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