Jesse Lee Soffer’s Chicago PD Return Confirmed, But Not As Halstead


Not long after Jesse Lee Soffer exited Chicago PD, he is now confirmed to return, but it won’t be as Jay Halstead. Just three episodes into the current year, NBC’s One Chicago police procedural already wrote out the fan-favorite character. Despite the character’s open-ended exit from the series, Halstead is officially out of Chicago PD, with no plans of bringing him back anytime soon.

Unfortunately, Halstead’s departure on Chicago PD was rushed and unearned. After years of covering up crimes for Intelligence, he supposedly reached his limit, resulting in his decision to leave the police force and return to the army. While Halstead’s absence is meant to be temporary, as his stint in Bolivia is only going to be for eight months, there was an assumption that he would never return as a regular on the show. But that doesn’t mean that Soffer cannot ever come back to Chicago PD, as proven by this latest development.


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As reported by Variety, Soffer is returning to direct Chicago PD season 10 episode 16. Nothing else was revealed about what the particular outing will be about, but it is expected to air sometime in 2023. For his part, Soffer effectively confirms the news on his social media – taking it to his official Twitter account, the actor reposts the news with thumbs up and clapper emojis.

Can Soffer Still Return As Halstead In Chicago PD?

On the heels of Halstead’s Intelligence exit, there were rumors that Soffer was spotted on the Chicago PD set. The photos are too dark and grainy to definitively say that it was indeed the actor, but the fact that he is returning to direct means he continues to be on good terms with his former cast and crew. This potentially makes it easier for NBC to convince Soffer to return to Chicago PD as Halstead, even in a guest capacity. Since the character wasn’t killed, One Chicago can bring him back anytime, especially with both his brother, Will Halstead, and wife, Hailey Upton, still in the Windy City.

For now, seeing Soffer return to Chicago PD as a director should already be a win. Beyond his role as Halstead, the question now is what his episode will be about. Given Intelligence’s new challenge to take on the Chicago Police chief, Upton will be at the forefront of the show’s storytelling as Voight’s new right-hand-person moving forward. So, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that she will also front the outing that Soffer is helming.

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Chicago PD season 10 airs Wednesdays on NBC.

Source: Variety, Jesse Lee Soffer/Twitter

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