Katy Perry Ended Taylor Swift Feud After Stevie Nicks’ Advice


Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were once enemies, but Stevie Nicks admits she helped the American Idol judge heal her relationship with Taylor.

There hasn’t been “Bad Blood” between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift for a few years now; however, fans are now getting the inside scoop on why the American Idol judge chose to end her feud with the country-turned-pop star. It turns out Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks played a huge role. Back in 2014, Taylor sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about her upcoming album, 1989. The star admitted that one of the album’s tracks, “Bad Blood,” was centered around a certain pop singer who she believed tried to sabotage her tour by hiring some dancers out from under her. It wasn’t long before fans put the pieces together and realized the superstar was talking about Katy.


Katy did not react well to Taylor calling her out in her song, and in 2017, the “California Girls” singer clapped back with her own single, “Swish Swish.” However, the singer later revealed that she tried reaching out to Taylor to end the feud, but the singer did not get back to her. Then, in 2018, Katy sent a literal olive branch and a note to her former enemy on the opening night of her reputation tour, which Taylor shared to her IG story, seemingly forgiving Katy. The two singers officially squashed their feud in 2019 when Katy appeared at the end of Taylor’s music video for her single, “You Need To Calm Down.”

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Fans loved watching the two singers reconcile, but they didn’t know that Stevie Nicks played a role in the end of the Katy Vs. Taylor feud. In an interview with The New Yorker, Stevie reminisced on a day in London when the American Idol judge asked her who her rivals are. When the Fleetwood Mac singer responded that she didn’t have any, Katy was surprised. “I said, ‘No, Katy, I don’t, and neither do you. You are Katy Perry, you’re who you are, you do what you do and you’re great at it,” the singer explained. “I’m Stevie Nicks, I do what I do and I’m great at it. We don’t have rivals. That’s just ridiculous.”

Stevie Nicks American Horror Story

Stevie also spoke to Katy about the online fighting between her fan base and Taylor’s devoted “Swifties.” During the Katy and Taylor feud, their fanbases would mercilessly argue with each other on social media, saying whatever they had to defend their idols. The fighting only added fuel to the rivalry between the pop stars. Stevie’s take on the fan war was “that’s just bulls–t. You have to just walk away from that. Don’t carry that around in your mind because then they’re winning this game.”

Stevie Nicks is a smart woman, and if there’s anyone’s advice Katy should listen to, it’s a woman whose career has spanned nearly five decades. Luckily, the American Idol judge did listen, and she and Taylor have been on good terms ever since. With society’s obsession with pitting women up against each other, it’s great to see that the two were able to put their differences aside and forgive each other. The pair’s reunion certainly set a great example for their young fans, showing them how crucial it is for women to come together and support each other.

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Source: The New Yorker

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