Kim Kardashian Admits She Has ‘Open Dialogue’ With Kids About Kanye Split


Kim Kardashian admits that she has “open dialogue” with her eldest kids North and Saint amid The Kardashians star’s divorce from Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian admits that she has “open dialogue” with her eldest kids amid The Kardashians star’s divorce from Kanye West. As Kim adjusts to life as a legally single woman, she’s opening up about how her kids are handling her split from their father. With North and Saint West being the eldest of Kim and Kanye’s kids, they’re the most aware of their parents’ breakup. Kim says North and Saint “know what’s going on.

Kim and Kanye appear to be back on amicable terms after weeks of feuding over their joint custody issues. They were recently seen co-parenting their four kids together for the first time in months. Since filing for divorce, Kim and Kanye were able to sort out property assets easily thanks to a prenup and no disagreements on either side. But Kanye became more vocal about his concerns over how his children were being raised as well as the time he gets to spend with them. Kanye would take to Instagram to vent his frustrations about the custody battle while berating Kim’s boyfriend Pete Davidson. Things got so bad, that the rapper was banned from Instagram for 24 hours.


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Amid the divorce drama, Kim is sharing how her kids are responding to their parent’s breakup. “I’m really open and honest with them,” Kim told Robin Roberts during ABC News’ The Kardashians special. “The younger ones don’t understand as much, but as far as with my two older ones, they know what’s going on.” At 8 and 6 years old, North and Saint are old enough to understand when their parents aren’t living together anymore. Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 2, are still young enough to not notice the difference. Kim’s goal is to “be there for them no matter what, even in this crazy life that we live,” she said adding how she believes having “open dialogue with your children,” is vital when dealing with a drastic family change.

Kim continues to speak highly of Kanye despite all the bad-mouthing he’s done about her and her boyfriend on social media. Things came to a head when Pete interjected himself and contacted Kanye to defend Kim. After a heated text message exchange that was leaked online, Kanye went on a tirade with Instagram posts. Taking aim at Pete and other comedians who defended Kim, the Yeezy founder was angry and let the world know about it. But through it all, Kim is still “a champion of him speaking his truth, and I would always want that,” she said.

As The Kardashians prepare to premiere their new show on Hulu, they’re sitting down and opening up about their last year of scandals. Kim’s divorce will be the main topic of discussion among fans after ending their last show and coming to terms with the split. With a new boyfriend in her life, Kim is also expected to share details about her romance with Pete. Hopefully, the new revelations don’t set Kanye off. Kim and Pete look like they’re enjoying their break from Ye’s Instagram tirades.

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Source: ABC News’ The Kardashians

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