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When Kim Kardashian discovered a huge mess in her home, she was told by her kids that the family’s Elf on the Shelf was the culprit.

Kim Kardashian’s Elf on the Shelf continues to terrorize her home. The SKIMS founder, 41, shared Instagram Stories on Friday, Dec. 3 that documented the huge mess made in her minimal, all-white home, one that consisted of colorful arts and crafts items, including feathers and beads, strewn all over the floor, as seen here.

“Wait a minute. What is happening?” Kim narrated over a video of her hallway with colorful string all over the floor. As she reached the kitchen, the mess quadrupled, much to Kim’s shock. “Oh my gosh. You know what? This is crazy.” An unidentified voice, presumably Psalm, 2, or North, 8, blamed the mess on “the elves” in a hilarious hushed tone.

“The elves made a huge mess, you say?” Kim asked, later adding, “Why is everyone gonna now do stuff and then blame it on the elves?” When the voice insisted that it was the elves, the reality TV star zoomed in on an elf with a makeshift arm sling, indicating it broke its arm. “Mmhmm, okay. And it was Saint’s elf that did this?”

The voice said it was 3-year-old Chicago’s elf, but Kim noted that the elf had a broken arm like Saint, 5, who recently broke his arm in September. Kim joked in the Story, “You know, these elves were quarantined last year so they’re probably just losing it this year.” The businesswoman shares her four children with soon-to-be ex-husband Kanye West, whom she filed for divorce from in February.

Kim’s Stories comes after the same Elf on the Shelf mysteriously found itself in another room on Wednesday, as documented by Kim on Instagram on Dec. 1. In the video, Kim asked niece Dream, 5, and kids North and Psalm if they moved the elf downstairs, where the cousins were operating on the toy atop a piece of napkin, explaining it was sick because it fell down.

When Kim noted that they shouldn’t be touching the elf, Dream maintained that she didn’t touch the elf and pinned it on cousin North — but said that North did not technically touch the elf. “She holded her sleeve with the elf,” Dream said, later adding, “Psalmy touched it and then it fell down.”

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