Know the Different Types of Math Puzzles


It is observed that a countless number of students face difficulty in solving sums related to mathematics. The subject of mathematics is no less than a nightmare for students. However, some creative and innovative concepts make the subject more interesting such as math puzzles, abacus, Vedic math and so on. Math puzzles generate curiosity and enthusiasm among pupils which results in their academic excellence. Math puzzles create a friendly image of mathematics and students enjoy solving sums. This strengthens their cognitive bandwidth and increases problem-solving ability.

Math puzzles are the easiest and most entertaining way to understand mathematics and solve sums with great efficiency. It is both recreationally and educationally valuable for the students. There are certain rules that students are asked to follow. Students consider math puzzles as a game to play with mind and logic. Some examples of math puzzles are Sudoku, Dyson numbers, the monkey and the coconuts, verbal arithmetic and cross-number puzzles, etc.

Different Types of Math Puzzles

  • Mechanical puzzles – It is one of the oldest puzzles, originated in Greece and certain trials are given for solving the puzzle and at the end different shapes are formed. Examples – jigsaw puzzles, Rubik’s cube.
  • Logic puzzles- These puzzles are featured with a grid pattern. Deduction reasoning helps in solving logic puzzles. Examples– Sudoku, nonogram
  • Mathematical puzzles– Here clues are given to fill in the blanks with appropriate answers in the vertical and horizontal rows laid in square boxes. These puzzles involve sums based on mathematical calculations, facts, and arguments based on mathematics. Example– brain teasers.
  • Kakuro puzzles– It is popularly known as cross sums and students start from number one to nine for clues. Some people assumed it to be way more challenging than Sudoku.
  • Tower of Hanoi– This number puzzle was made by a mathematician named Edouard Lucas in 1883, France. This consists of disks that are supposed to be placed at Tower 3 by playing with the numbers that each disk has.
  • Deduction reasoning helps in solving logic puzzles.

Some Math Puzzles for Students to Solve and Challenge Their Friends

  • Math crossword puzzles: This puzzle is characterized by black and white boxes in a grid pattern, where it is said to follow given clues to fill the boxes.
  • Math Riddles: Conceptual clarity and critical thinking can help to solve math riddles. Such questions can be given to students as practice or revision.
  • Prodigy: It is an online platform where students solve problems related to their syllabus and earn coins and collect pets by giving correct answers. This creates a sense of enthusiasm and excitement toward the subject. Interestingly, teachers are available to teach concepts and solve the queries of the students.
  • Ken-ken: This puzzle was created by Tetsuya Miyamoto who was a math instructor. It is a game of numbers characterized by a grid pattern. The ken -ken helps in developing the critical thinking of students and improving their math skills. These puzzles are featured with a grid pattern. Deduction reasoning helps in solving logic puzzles. Examples– Sudoku, nonogram
  • Pre–algebraic puzzles: These puzzles are comparatively easier than the others puzzles because they have solutions hidden in their twisted questions. Students with math anxiety can solve these puzzles as it has simple equations and a basic understanding of math can help to find solutions.
  • Domino puzzle board: In the form of dominoes these puzzles are arranged, students enjoy solving sums related to addition and multiplication using these puzzles. However, students can play in pairs as well as alone.

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