Long-Sleeve Shirts Are the ’90s Layering Staple Everyone Can Pull Off


The weather’s cooling down, which means it’s officially long-sleeve shirts season. It’s not quite cool enough to wear them with a lightweight jacket or a hoodie. The logical next step is to wear two shirts. Sure, you could easily just wear the short-sleeve shirt as an undershirt, buried under your outer layer. But reversing the two, layering your long-sleeve shirts under your short-sleeves, can instantly add depth to an outfit.

The style move is a staple of the 90s and early 2000s, which, if you haven’t heard, are both trending hard right now. Back then, you couldn’t set foot in a shopping mall or channel surf the TV without spotting the layering technique at least a dozen times. Now, Gen Z has picked up the look as well as brands like Our Legacy, Heaven by Marc Jacobs, and ERL. Instead of Kurt Cobain paving the way, it’s guys like Kevin Abstract.

“Boy Meets World”, October 1994. ABC Photo Archives

As for pulling off the look, think of it as an extension of another trending ‘90s style move— the T-shirt under a sweater vest. Like most layering, the silhouette has to be relaxed, if not full-on baggy. Keep the outer layer roomy enough to layer over your long-sleeve. A plain white long-sleeve tee will work well with any short-sleeve shirt, but don’t be afraid to mix up colors or even patterns. You can also try the style move with a long-sleeve tee with graphics on the sleeves for extra visual interest. For those that dare to double shirt, applying the same principle to long- and short-sleeve button up shirts can launch you into the upper style echelons.

Our Legacy Spring 2022

ERL Fall 2021

To get you on your transitional layering journey, here are a few pieces of inspiration that you can shop right now.

Abercrombie 90s oversized polo

Come Tees shiver printed cotton t-shirt

Image may contain: Clothing, Sleeve, Apparel, Long Sleeve, Human, and Person

Gildan long-sleeve t-shirt

Heaven by Marc Jacobs logo t-shirt

Off-White active logot print t-shirt

Stussy peace dot pigment t-shirt

Dries Van Noten medium weight jersey long-sleeve t-shirt

Acne Studios satin jacquard shirt

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