Lovesick is A Disturbing, Poignant Look At Humanity’s Darkness


Image Comics’ Lovesick #1 is a dark, daring horror that goes to some truly terrifying places to tell a story of sex, fantasy, and brutality.

Warning: this article discusses mature content and contains spoilers for Lovesick #1!Lovesick #1 is Image Comics’ new and disturbing horror story from creator Luana Vecchio. With just one issue, Vecchio does a deep dive into the underbelly to create a powerful meditation on the darkest sides of humanity.

Lovesick originally began as a three-part miniseries published by writer and artist Luana Vecchio (Bolero, Gospel for a New Century) through Comixology Submit in early 2020. The story took on a new life when Image Comics announced that Vecchio would return to create a new Lovesick miniseries. Described by the publisher as a “contemporary, neon Horror” that is “perfect for fans of Black Mirror“, Lovesick tells the story of Domino, a dominatrix who runs an underground program on the dark web. Domino’s shows are aided by her biggest fans, all of whom clamor to be the next featured guest on her streams. But Domino’s guests are signing up for the most extreme form of content possible.


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Lovesick #1 by Luana Vecchio dives straight into the action, showing what one of Domino’s streams look like. A naked man is pursued by Domino and her coterie of masked dominatrices into a grimy, blood-covered bathroom before he’s killed for the world to see. However, the man dies with a smile on his face, and every viewer of the dark web show just dreams about getting to be the next victim of Domino, or Mother Demon as she’s also known. Except that is, for Domino’s next featured guest: a troll from the Lovesick Club’s streams that has been littering the comments section with assault and death threats. The dominatrix breaks down the troll’s tough-guy behavior, making him reveal that all he wanted was Domino’s attention, which she gives in the form of the message “Domino noticed me” carved into his chest.

Lovesick Goes To Places Other Comics Don’t

Lovesick is a surprising offering from Image Comics. Granted, Image is no stranger to mature content in its books. There are plenty that offer visceral action and others that explore sensual topics. But Luana Vecchio’s story goes all in on a story that is brutal, kinky and downright terrifying. The reader is immediately thrust into a realm of BDSM imagery and setups that look plucked right out of unsettling stories about the dark web. There’s an air of mystery to Domino and the Lovesick Club, and it all makes for quite the unique comic book experience.

Lovesick is not a story for the faint of heart or more modest comic book fans. Vecchio places the reader into a world that’s filled with lust, hatred, sex, and violence seen through the lens of underground, dark web depravity. And yet, there’s something eerily temping about Domino, her devoted followers and the entire setup of the Lovesick Club. Vecchio knocks it out on both fronts, with art that delights and disturbs and a story that beckons the reader to take the plunge and explore this dark and beautiful world. Lovesick #1 is a morbidly fascinating comic that will no doubt have more intense experiences waiting around the corner.

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