Marketing Tips For Recording Videos For Your Vlog


When it comes to digital content, there is no denying that vlogs are the most popular audiovisual format at the moment. In this article, we would like to get you the things you need to keep in mind before you start recording videos and review some of the free platforms where you can edit videos.

Advice and key tips for recording videos

The following are some tricks you can follow when shooting videos to have a smooth vlog:


Surely you will be tempted to use your cell phone for video recording. However, to achieve 4K sizes and resolutions, you need to invest in equipment.

At first, you will need the following to create a good video:

  • A laptop or PC to cut and edit videos.
  • A camera that can record high-quality conetnt or video.
  • An additional memory card to save data.
  • A three-point lighting scheme. Such a scheme involves 3 different light sources known as key light, fill light, and backlight.

Key tip: connect to the channels of other vloggers and YouTubers to conduct a team poll. They generally share the technical aspects of their vlog: the type of cameras, lenses, lights, and microphones to achieve quality in each video. This way, you can know what is being used in the video recording.


Use a specialized video editor because it allows your videos to look clean and professional or fun and quirky. These can be paid or free options. Likewise, they can be available online or can be installed on your PC or smartphone.

Key tips:

  • Add an intro to all your videos to introduce new viewers to your channel.
  • Don’t use too many transitions in your vlogs.
  • Make sure the audio is clear in the video recording. Remove background noise and add voiceover if needed.
  • Find music that can accompany you like a distinctive in all your videos without infringing on a copyright. We recommend using royalty-free libraries such as the one that YouTube makes available to you.

Titles or text

You may need some text in your vlog to support the images in the video recording. It can be a note about location, recipes, captions, or funny secondary comments.

Key tip: Find highly readable fonts. Remember that many of these videos are played on mobile screens.

Top 5 platforms to edit your videos

The vast majority of video editing tools have online trial versions. The others only have a paid version for the desktop. We recommend some editors that you can use in both cases.

Vegas Pro

Formerly known as Sony Vegas, this editor offers you a free version for 30 days. In it, you will discover that its interface is highly customizable and has functions such as multi-camera editing. All this added to effects and transitions that will give your videos a fresh and more professional face.

Adobe Premiere Elements

It is considered a light version of regular Adobe Premiere. However, it has outstanding features such as guided edits. This facilitates basic projects and the work of beginning editors. It also has several video effects and tools, such as motion-tracking mask selection.

This editor is free for 30 days, with the option of a one-time payment for life.


Not only will it allow you to post videos in a matter of minutes, but it also gives you access to a library containing several million stock videos and images. These are classified into sectors such as business, vacations, food, sports, etc.

Plus, FlexClip ‘s aspect ratio feature allows you to vary sizes and formats. In this way, you can easily adapt your videos to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram Stories, and more. FlexClip video editor also offers an online free version.


In addition to video editing tools, it also provides a video compressor, converter, and the feature to activate your webcam for video recording. One of the best parts is that its intuitive work platform allows beginners to complete editing in less time.

This editor offers an online trial version, but if you need to download the video, you may need to upgrade from the free plan to the paid version. At the time of exporting the video, you can save the result directly to the computer or share it on Google Drive.


Magisto is cross-platform, which means you can use it on mobile, tablet, and the web. You just have to use the same account, and you will be able to access your videos on all devices.

You can share the video on social media platforms directly. However, if you want to save the videos on your computer, you will have to upgrade your plan or share it with your friends to get the free download. While you can continue to delve into everything you need to create your vlog, the best method to learn is to jump in the water and start shooting videos. Over time you will add technical aspects and original ideas. In this way, you will be able to impact a segment of captive and expectant people for your next publication.

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