Marvel Teases the Return of the Pet Avengers


In Timeless #1, Marvel teases some future storylines for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including the return of its most fun team: the Pet Avengers!

Warning: Contains spoilers for Timeless #1!Marvel Comics has teased the return of one of its more unique teams: the Pet Avengers! In Timeless #1, Kang the Conqueror travels through time and space, and along the way readers are given glimpses of future storylines that will be playing out across the Marvel Universe in 2023. One of these fleeting visions confirms that the Pet Avengers will be returning to action.

Kang the Conqueror is on a mission: to learn the secret of the Missing Moment, the one thing in the universe that eludes him. Meanwhile, Myrddin, a new opponent, is pursuing Kang. Myrddin has created an army of heroes based around King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in order to defeat Kang. Kang jumps through time, fighting each one of Myrddin’s champions. Every time Kang jumps, he sees visions in the time-stream–and one of them is of the Pet Avengers! The issue is written by Jed MacKay, illustrated by Greg Land, Patch Zircher, Jay Leisten and Salvador Larroca, colored by Frank D’Armata and lettered by Ariana Maher.


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The Pet Avengers Are Marvel’s Most Fun And Underrated Heroes

Pet Avengers Return Timeless

There have been many different incarnations of the Avengers in the Marvel Universe, stretching back to Earth’s Stone Age–yet none are wilder, or more unique, than the Pet Avengers. The team is made up of the animal sidekicks of popular Marvel heroes, such as Lockheed (Katherine Pryde), Hairball (Speedball), Ms. Lion (Spider-Man), Redwing (Falcon) and Zabu (Ka-Zar). Led by Throg (the frog version of Thor) and the Inhumans’ Lockjaw, the team was first brought together to stop Thanos from once again getting his hands on the Infinity Stones. The team has shared several adventures since then but recently went dormant; Throg has made appearances in Thor over the past two years and Lockheed has been accompanying Pryde in Marauders. Now, Marvel is setting the stage for the epic return of the Pet Avengers!

The Pet Avengers, at first, might seem too goofy, too high a concept to actually work–but it did, and beautifully. The initial Pet Avengers stories were fun; they were the perfect, light-hearted antidote to the normally serious Avengers franchise. This is not to say the Pet Avengers are push-overs; each member has a power (or gimmick) and thanks to their combined might, they were able to vanquish Thanos. Kang sees a vision of the Pet Avengers in Timeless, showing they are on his radar–such power rarely goes unnoticed. The question is: what will bring the Pet Avengers back together? Could they potentially pick up new members, such as Pizza Dog and Bats? Will they re-assemble to help thwart Kang and his attempts to discover the Missing Moment? And does this Missing Moment relate to them at all? Like many of Kang’s other visions, readers will learn the truth in 2023.

Marvel Needs the Pet Avengers More Than Ever

Pet Avengers Assemble

Whatever the reason, the return of the Pet Avengers is nigh. The Marvel Universe is heading into uncertain times. Not only is Kang in pursuit of the Missing Moment across the time stream, but a number of others also pose serious threats as well–-including a foe more powerful than the One-Above-All. What role the Pet Avengers will play in these events remains to be seen, but their return to Marvel Comics will be a most welcome one.

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Timeless #1 is on sale now from Marvel Comics!

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