Marvel’s New Spider-Man Is Its Most Disturbing Hero In Decades



Warning: Contains Spoilers from Edge of Spider-Verse #2!The newest Spider-Man variant from Marvel is quite possibly the most disturbing heroes in decades. Out of all of Marvel’s stories in the multiverse, there has never been one as popular as Spider-Man’s take on the concept. The fact that there have been so many different iterations of the beloved webhead that have gone on to get their own stories has cemented the Spider-Verse as one of the most recognizable takes on multiverses in the world of comics. However, with every enjoyable hero like Miles Morales and Silk, there are some darker takes on the character that push the physical ideas of Spider-Man to their limits that can even border on disturbing.


One of these types of Spider-People has officially made their debut in Edge of Spider-Verse #2. “The Tree Child” by Benjamin Percy and Marika Cresta is the issue’s second story as it focuses on Earth 2410 where a society of people were cursed by an evil witch to develop horrifying mutations. One of these people is this universe’s take on Spider-Man named Petor who dons the name Sky-Spider. Petor’s design is a creepy combination of both human and spider as he bears fangs, eyes and spindly legs. While he may not be a disgusting creation, Sky-Spider still looks absolutely uncanny and is difficult not to look at when he first arrives.

Sky-Spider’s Design Makes Him The Creepiest Spider-Man In Years

Sky-Spider in Edge of Spider-Verse #2

What’s interesting about this version of Spider-Man is that he’s treated like a scary story someone would share around the campfire. He’s essentially a societal outcast that’s forced to remain in the woods or else be hunted by Kraven. The way that his human and spider features blend give him a creepy look that creates fear. However, his compassion makes him misunderstood. He’s a boy that just wants to be accepted, but he’s forced into hiding similar to the human/animal hybrids in Sweet Tooth. It’s a fascinating way to change up one of these Spider-Heroes that take on the spider theme literally.

Compared to Other Disturbing Spider Variants, Sky-Spider Is the Best to Meet

Disturbing Spider-Men in the Spider-Verse

Among the other spider people, there have been some incredibly disturbing variants. The disgusting nightmare creature Spiders-Man comes to mind since he’s actually a hive of spiders that believe they’re Peter Parker living inside the suit. Then there’s Savage Spider-Man who became a monstrous hulk of a spider creature that could tear through anything. Worst of all though is Patton, a “Reverse” Spider-Man in one of Marvel’s grossest stories that is essentially the comics version of Cronenberg’s The Fly with spiders. Compared to these creepy versions, Sky-Spider is incredibly approachable since he’s not as bloodthirsty as his counterparts. He may have some features that make arachnophobes flinch, but it would be better to saved by him than the others.

Should Sky-Spider make a return in future stories, it’ll be interesting to see how he develops as a misunderstood hero. It’s clear that it will be an uphill battle for him as he tries to fight the preconceived notions of the townspeople, especially after being unable to save his mother in front of his father. Marvel’s newest Spider-Man may be the most disturbing version of the character in decades, but he has a kind heart that could make him a compelling character that fans will love as he looks to find a place where he can be seen as the hero he is.

Edge of Spider-Verse #2 is available now from Marvel Comics!


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Denis Ava
Denis Ava
Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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