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Minecraft Legends is a whole new way to experience the Minecraft universe by playing an action-strategy adventure where the focus is much more on defeating the piglins than building and mining. This realtime strategy game offers multiplayer PvP competitions and co-op campaigns, or an epic narrative in single-player story mode. The serene Overworld has been overrun by piglins from another dimension, and it is up to the player to save everyone and restore peace.


An RTS spinoff of the popular game Minecraft, Minecraft Legends promises to be an entirely different style of game that is set within the Overworld that fans know and love. Its development was started back in 2018, although the game wasn’t announced until June 2022 during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. Now, not even a year after that initial announcement was made, Minecraft Legends is set to release in just a few weeks for excited fans to experience the chaos that all the piglins have caused this simple land.

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Minecraft Legends Will Be Released On April 18, 2023

Minecraft Legends Cover Image, showing a village that the player character is defending with some of the friendly mobs around her. The Minecraft Legends logo and a green creeper face are at the top

Minecraft Legends is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, April 18, 2023, and is available for pre-order now. On that day players will be able to jump right into this open world filled with epic battles where old enemies become allies as players put an end to the piglins’ rampage. The title has been developed by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive and is being published by Xbox Game Studios. However, just because Xbox Game Studios is publishing it does not mean that it will only be available for Xbox systems.

Which Platforms Minecraft Legends Is On

Minecraft Legends screenshot of a player character waving the flag to call friendly mobs to aid in battle while golem minions are nearby

Every current- and previous-generation gaming platform will be able to play Minecraft Legends, and all will be released simultaneously on April 18, 2023. Just like standard Minecraft, the developers have made the game very accessible to most players. It will be available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Windows, and will be available through PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass. Subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass services will have access to the game at no additional cost beyond their subscription fee, though other platforms will require the purchase of the game.

As is shown in the below trailer released by the Minecraft YouTube channel, Minecraft Legends will allow players to battle piglins and save the Overworld with the help of allied mobs and golem minions. Other than the art style and familiar creatures, the game is very different from the standard Minecraft gameplay by focusing entirely on action and strategy mechanics instead of mining and crafting.

While there are still some of Minecraft‘s building elements in the game, it is not the central focus of this spin-off. Exploring the Minecraft Legends Overworld and saving local villages while defeating piglin bosses and mobs will take center stage for the single-player storyline as well as multiplayer co-op modes.

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Minecraft Legends Standard & Deluxe Edition Price

Minecraft Legends Deluxe Skin, the Rabbit Commander, with a special deluxe edition horse

Players can purchase Minecraft Legends in either the Standard Edition or the Deluxe Edition and both these versions can be either digital or physical copies for console platforms. The Standard Edition is simply the base game and will retail for 40 USD for whichever platform is chosen. The Deluxe Edition will cost $50 and includes not only the base game but also the Deluxe Skin Pack which includes the following:

  • Deluxe Hero Skin
  • Four mount skins at launch
  • Additional mount skin post-launch

This Deluxe Skin Pack will be available for purchase separately for $15 for any players who may purchase the Standard Edition but later decides they want the extra skins, or for players taking advantage of the Game Pass versions. Purchasing the Deluxe Edition simply offers a discounted price on this pack rather than purchasing it separately.

Minecraft Legends Multiplayer Details

Multiplayer In Minecraft Legends, four player characters on horses

Co-op in Minecraft Legends lets groups of friends team up to play through the narrative campaign together. Rescuing villages, battling piglins, and taking down the plans of the evil bosses together will make the story into a bonding experience for players. The world for Minecraft Legends is procedurally generated, so there will be some differences between the single-player and multiplayer campaigns due to this, but for the most part, it will be the same basic storyline and everyone fights against piglins. It has not yet been announced specifically how many players can join together for a cooperative campaign.

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Minecraft Legends PvP mode will allow up to eight players to split into teams of four and compete against each other. Teams can build their own bases and spawn armies of golems or gather friendly mobs from the Overworld. The ultimate goal in the PvP mode is to destroy the opposing team’s base. According to developers, each match in PvP is expected to last about 20–30 minutes, depending on the skills of each team and the strategies used.

Minecraft Legends Supports Crossplay

Screenshot from the Minecraft Legends trailer featuring a sun rising over a mountain.

For both options of multiplayer play, either co-op or PvP, Minecraft Legends will support crossplay between different platforms. This means that players will be able to join a lobby with players from various different platforms such as someone on Nintendo Switch playing with a friend using Xbox Game Pass and another on PC.

Minecraft Legends looks to be a fun new twist on the Minecraft world that offers players an adventure full of strategy and lots of battles against piglins. Several different piglin mobs have been confirmed including the piglin grunter, piglin runt, piglin bruiser, piglin piggo, and several large boss versions of piglins. The action-RTS spinoff of Minecraft is designed to entertain players whether they have previously played the original Minecraft or not. Minecraft Legends is set to release for all major platforms on April 18, 2023.

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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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