My Hero Academia Season 6 Just Delivered the Series’ Best Fight Yet


Warning: SPOILERS for Episode #116 of My Hero AcademiaSeason 6 of My Hero Academia makes justice to one of the best fights in the entire series: the hero Hawks versus the villain Twice. While other battles are certainly more spectacular, the confrontation between Hawks and Twice, at the beginning of the Pro Heroes’ attack against the Paranormal Liberation Front, shines because of the deep feelings portrayed and of the tragic stories of both characters.

Jin Bubaigawara, aka Twice, is a member of the League of Villains who later becomes a lieutenant in the Paranormal Liberation Front. He is one of the most complex and tragic characters in the series due to his unstable mental condition. Twice’s Quirk, Double, allows him to create duplicates of everything, including himself. In the past, he abused this power which led to a fight to the death among his clones, leaving Jin with deep psychological scars and a dissociative identity disorder. Hawks, on the other hand, is one of the strongest heroes, who was groomed and trained from a very young age to become the equivalent of a secret agent. He infiltrates the Paranormal Liberation Front where he becomes a friend and confidant of Twice, until the truth about his allegiance is revealed with the Pro Heroes’ assault on the Front’s headquarters.


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Season 6 of My Hero Academia focuses on the epic all-out war between the Pro Heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front. Episode #116, “One’s Justice“, shows what happens to Twice when Hawks reveals himself as a traitor and a hero. When the attack begins, Hawks’ priority is to take out Twice, because his Quirk is too dangerous as it allows him to create an entire army of clones. Twice is devastated by this betrayal, because it is the second time he has led a traitor among his friends, who are the most valuable thing in the world to him. Hawks, on his hand, should immediately kill Twice, but, instead, he hesitates due to the genuine compassion he has developed for Jin. This allows one of Twice’s clones to escape and save Himiko Toga and Mr. Compress, and also gives Dabi the time to arrive and grievously injure Hawks.

Why The Fight Between Hawks And Twice Is So Special

The battle between Hawks and Twice is pretty one-sided in favor of the former, so it should be overshadowed by the many spectacular battles in the series. However, it’s not often that My Hero Academia is able to portray the struggles and motivations of two rival characters in such a compelling way. Twice and Hawks both had traumatic experiences in their past. However, Twice was alone, and he used his Quirk to create friends by duplicating himself, which led to a mental breakdown. Hawks, instead, was rescued by the system and groomed to become a perfect but ruthless hero, who has to hide his true feelings at all times. The similarities between the two led to a real friendship, even if Hawks had his hidden agenda, which makes his betrayal even more tragic.

My Hero Academia excels at showing that what separates heroes and villains is a moral grey area, and the “bad guys” often have motivations and ideals that come from a tragic past of abuse. Hawks could have become a villain too if things went slightly different, which explains his compassion for Twice, to the point that the usually perfect hero risks jeopardizing his mission to give his enemy a chance to surrender and repent. The tragic ending of Hawks and Twice‘s confrontation contributes to making this the best fight in My Hero Academia.

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