NCIS: New Orleans – Why Lucas Black’s Agent LaSalle Left The Show


Why did actor Lucas Black leave NCIS: New Orleans during its sixth season? Here is the explanation Black gave regarding his sudden exit from the show.

One of the most unexpected events of NCIS: New Orleans season 6 was the loss of Lucas Black’s character, Agent Christopher LaSalle. The episode “Matthew 5:9” saw LaSalle and his colleagues investigating the murder of LaSalle’s brother, but before they could solve the case, LaSalle was shot dead. LaSalle’s demise shocked longtime fans of the show, but Black has since clarified why his character’s exit from the series was so sudden. So, why did Lucas Black’s Agent Lasalle leave NCIS: New Orleans?

NCIS: New Orleans is a crime drama series and a spin-off of the NCIS franchise. It follows a team of Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents stationed in the Big Easy, where they regularly deal with crimes involving the Navy and Marine Corps. Actors featured on the NCIS show included Scott Bakula, CCH Pounder, and Rob Kerkovich, amongst others. NCIS: New Orleans aired for seven seasons, gaining a huge following due to its likable cast and eye-catching Louisiana setting. Lucas Black’s Agent Lasalle leaving the show definitely put a damper on things, but the series went on without him.


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Lucas Black’s Agent Lasalle was a fan favorite because of his sense of humor and dedication to his work. Other major characters, such as Agent Percy and Agent Brody, left in previous seasons, but the nature of their departures made way for the possibility of a reunion. Which begs the question – why would Agent LaSalle be scripted out of the show with no chance of his character ever coming back? According to the actor himself, Lucas Black exited the NCIS show because a busy production schedule made excessive demands on his personal life.

What Happened To Chris On NCIS?

Chris in NCIS New Orleans

In NCIS: New Orleans season 6, episode 6 “Matthew 5:9” Lasalle looks to avenge his brother’s death by targeting an Alabama-based drug ring that he believes had a hand in the murder. While Pride gives his own assistance to the case, he eventually finds Chris’ body and realizes that he’s been shot in the line of duty. At the end of the episode, they hold a funeral for Chris and a wake at Pride’s bar. While Chris Lasalle’s death is mainly due to Lucas Black leaving NCIS, the character’s subsequent demise was actually necessary for the show (and he’s not the first character to leave NCIS anyways). The entire team had to go through a lot while mourning Lasalle and the NCIS team members had to build up their own skills in order to compensate for the loss. All in all, Chris Lasalle’s death resulted in a stronger and more unified team which helped along the way as they had to fight tougher battles leading up to NCIS’ season 6 ending.

Why Lucas Black Left NCIS

Lucas Black had been a regular on NCIS: New Orleans from its beginning in 2014, appearing in 125 out of 155 episodes. He explained in an interview (via Express) that the show’s long production hours took time away from his family, saying: “All throughout my career, there was a concern because I would observe how the entertainment industry would destroy families.” He realized the strain on his family would intensify if he continued with the show. The show survived this NCIS character’s exit, so it was probably for the best.

In addition to spending more time with his family, Black is pursuing projects outside of serial television. Earlier this year, he reprised the role of Sean Boswell in F9: The Fast Saga. Currently, Agent Lasalle’s Lucas Black seems to be enjoying a respite from acting, shifting his focus to his YouTube channel, where he posts hunting, fishing, and travel videos.

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Unfortunately, Lucas Black’s character left NCIS: New Orleans on such a sorrowful note, but the general reaction to LaSalle’s final episode only demonstrates how significant an impact he left on the show’s audience. Black sees his time spent working on NCIS: New Orleans as a worthwhile experience, though taking time off from acting has been a positive change of pace for him and his family. He has yet to announce involvement in any upcoming movies or shows, so it may be some time before fans see him onscreen again.

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