New Rick and Morty Series Turns Morty’s Teacher into the New Rick


Animated science fiction duo Rick and Morty are making their grand return to comics for a special 12-issue series. Rick and Morty is a franchise that continues to be incredibly popular today since its debut almost a decade ago. The adventures following Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith have spread hilarity across the airwaves as the show continues its sixth season on Adult Swim. While not every episode has been a hit, the franchise has kept fans engaged and wanting to know more about these characters across TV, comics, and games.


Strangely, the medium that has actually seen the most of Rick and Morty‘s adventures is comics. In 2015, a Rick and Morty comic series from Oni Press began to hit store shelves, following the Rick and Morty of Dimension C-131, while revealing larger secrets of the multiverse, such as the second Council of Ricks. The series reached its conclusion in 2020, but the franchise’s comic adventures continued with the Rick and Morty Presents spin-offs, focusing on fan-favorite character from the show, as well as crossovers such as Rick and Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons and the upcoming Rick and Morty vs Cthulhu. Now, however, fans are once again getting an episodic series.

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Writer Alex Firer recently announced on Twitter that Rick and Morty will be making its return to comics in 2023, beginning with Rick and Morty #1. Firer states that the series will see “hearts break, Gods fight, and also it will look really great,” with art from Fred C. Stresing and Marc Ellerby, colors from Andrew Dalhouse, and lettering by Crank! Accompanying the announcement were two covers for the first issue of the series. One features Rick and Morty’s faces as asteroids, while the real duo are soaring through space in Rick’s ship. The variant cover though is handled in true Rick and Morty fashion as Rick breaks the fourth wall to talk about how he’s playing the long-con in the comic game by rebooting his comic every five years. Take a look at the announcement and official cover artwork here!

Rick and Morty’s New Series Will Feature Three Arcs Over 12 Issues

As of now, 12 issues have been announced for the return of the mainline Rick and Morty comics. Firer mentions that there will be three arcs throughout the run, meaning that there will be on average a new continuous story every four issues. Firer even gave fans a tease at what the first arc of the story will have in store, confirming that Mr. Goldenfold – Morty’s teacher – will be the first to be in the spotlight.

Mr. Goldenfold Gets the Spotlight as a Failed Genius

Firer mentions that the story will focus on “a world of genius Goldenfolds who’ve dedicated their life to the pursuit of mathematical perfection. And for our Goldenfold, realizing you’re the lame multiverse feels awful. Mr. Goldenfold is a character that hasn’t gotten nearly as much love as he should in the TV series, so to see him get an arc of his own in the Rick and Morty universe is a great way to bring back the series with a bang.

The Rick and Morty comics have a habit of showing fans the backstories and secrets they’ve asked for, from the fallout of Krombopulos Michael’s death to details about Gearhead’s Gear Wars – it seems the upcoming 12-issue series will do exactly the same, diving into the multiversal secret of Mr. Goldenfold.

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Look for Rick and Morty #1 on sale in January 2023 from Oni Press.

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