Perfect Match’s Kariselle Hangs Out With Love Is Blind Villain Shake


Kariselle Snow is no longer with her Perfect Match and now ex-fiancé Joey Sasso, but she has been hanging out with Love Is Blind’s Shake Chatterjee.

Reality TV stars mingle, but there’s some controversy when it comes to Love Is Blind alum Shake Chatterjee, and apparently the Perfect Match star Kariselle Snow doesn’t have a problem revealing which side she’s on. Kariselle’s reality TV fame began on Sexy Beasts, where singles looking for love dress up in animal costumes and go on speed dates. She didn’t find love from the experience and was then cast for Perfect Match, where she met Joey Sasso. They had somewhat of a dramatic history, as they hinted at a previous on-and-off relationship. Throughout filming, the two maintained a strong and genuine connection that ended with Joey proposing to Kariselle.

It has recently been revealed that Perfect Match favorites Kariselle and Joey are no longer together. Not only that, but Kariselle has since befriended Shake Chatterjee. In an Instagram Story, Shake shared a photo of Kariselle on his shoulders. The caption read, “One trick pony @kariselle.” The joke “one trick pony” implies that a person only holds one talent, so whether Shake was referring to himself in the photo or it’s an inside joke between the two is unclear. One important takeaway from the story is that Kariselle didn’t jump to share the photo to her profile, although she did share other images from their day on what looks like a yacht.

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Shake Chatterjee Turns Down Offer To Join Perfect Match

Abhishek Chatterjee aka Shake on Love Is Blind season 2

Shake has been highly critical of reality TV shows since he was ostracized by a majority of his Love Is Blind season 2 co-stars. It wasn’t a surprise when he announced that he was offered to join Perfect Match but chose to opt out. Shake has been a controversial face of Love Is Blind for many reasons, but for starters, he disrespected and insulted his fiancé Deepti Vempati numerous times. Another notable moment came when he called Nick Lachey, the host of both Love Is Blind and Perfect Match, a clown. Lastly, despite being made aware of the hurt he caused others, Shake stands by his villainous words and actions.

Since Shake turned down Perfect Match, it begs the question as to why Kariselle would have any contact with him. Shake has clearly maintained friendships with other Love Is Blind alums but none that are particularly close with Kariselle. Aside from that, their friendship will raise some red flags as to what Kariselle stands for, since Shake made such a name for himself in the reality TV world. Aside from commentary on Instagram posts that could be taken as flirtatious, there isn’t a reason to believe that Kariselle is pursuing Shake romantically. But other Perfect Match stars have surprised with their decisions post-show, so it isn’t totally off the table.

It is at the very least random for the Perfect Match fan-favorite to be hanging out with Shake, let alone sitting comfortably on his shoulders. There will likely be speculation online as to what their friendship is all about, but for now, this is all there is to work with. Shake remains controversial, and Kariselle is focusing on her career, but hopefully one of them speaks on their friendship soon. Kariselle may not have found her person as she thought she would on Perfect Match, but unless Shake has changed immensely, he likely isn’t it either.

Perfect Match season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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