Pokémon GO Announces Dates For 2022 Community Days Starting March



The Community Days for March, April, and May in Pokémon GO have officially been given dates, though the season they will run in is still unknown.

Dates for multiple upcoming Pokémon GO Community Days have officially been set by the developers beginning in March. This past Saturday was Pokémon GO‘s most recent Community Day and it featured the Grass-type Hoppip. Currently, the augmented reality title is running its Season of Heritage in-game event, which will last until the end of February to make way for a new one that will kick off on March 1.

Usually focusing on one particular Pokémon, Community Days have been a staple since Pokémon GO first debuted back in January of 2018. Since then there has been at least one every month with the exception of March 2020 when the event was delayed due to the then still emerging COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, however, another first for Community Days happened when two separate ones happened in the same month. Along with a traditional event, January saw Pokémon GO‘s first Community Day Classic that brought Bulbasaur back into the spotlight. Now, halfway through February, it appears that trend is not likely to continue and that has been further reinforced with Niantic’s most recent announcement.


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Players can now mark their calendars for when Pokémon GO will have its Community Days over the next three months. These events span across the entirety of Pokémon GO‘s next in-game season that will follow up Season of Heritage. As of now, the new season is unknown, but the dates for the Community Days are Sunday, March 13, Saturday, April 23, and Saturday, May 21.

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Another noteworthy part of the announcement is the opening from the Pokémon GO development team they have wrapped up the last Community Day in the Season of Heritage. This seems to heavily imply that February will not get its own Community Day Classic. That said, the announcement does not outright state that there will be no second Community Day this month even though there are not many days left.

While some fans may be disappointed that the Community Day Classic trend seems like it will not continue, for now, it is to be expected given that the augmented reality title has another single day in-game event coming with the Johto Tour. Classic days will likely be relegated to unique months where there may not necessarily be much going on otherwise. As for the recently announced dates, more information will likely come out in the next week for the March event as Pokémon GO typically reveals the next Pokémon in the month prior to their Community Day. It will be interesting to see how these single-day events relate to the overarching next season.

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Pokémon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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