Protect Your Hair In Style! Black Woman-Owned Brand, You Go Natural Introduces Swim Turbans To Their Line Of Head Wraps


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Don’t you love discovering new brands? Especially one that changes how you get dressed and makes your life easier all around. I know we do! You Go Natural is a headwrap brand that solely provides head wraps, headbands, turbans, and tshirt buns. If you have natural hair and are looking for a new brand to shop with, let us introduce you to You Go Natural, a small indie brand created by a Black woman, Monique Little.

When you have natural hair, there are so many dos and don’ts on how to style your hair “properly.” There are new rules added to the list daily, and it can be a daunting task. As a black woman with natural hair, I’ve learned not to be timid to try new things and finding what works best for me. The only suggestion I would give to my fellow naturalistas is to do whatever makes you and your hair happy.

Stress-Free Swimming With You Go Natural’s Swim Turbans!

You Go Natural has introduced its new swim turban collection. YGN’s patent-pending Swim Turbans are the first of their kind and give women with natural hair the freedom to swim without worrying about their hair. The outer shell is made to be fast-drying, chlorine-resistance Lycra fabric which is a swimwear fabrication. The turban is hypoallergenic with lightweight silicone that seals your hair. The swim turbans are sold in four colorways for $48.

“As it stands, there is an ‘unspoken rule’ amongst women of color around water – they avoid it. ‘Unless you have specifically planned to do so, you do not get your hair wet.’ Additionally, salt and pool water can be harmful to the hair, causing breakage and damage. This can be particularly challenging on vacation when you’re setting out for adventure and are ready to unwind but feel you have to avoid the pool or ocean.”

Brand founder Monique Little

Swimming at the pool shouldn’t have to be planned weeks in advance. It should be spontaneous! But sometimes, having natural hair, we have worries and concerns about doing simple things like having fun in the pool. You Go Natural has made simple pleasures stress-free. You can now enjoy swimming whenever or however you choose!

Talk about it: as a woman with natural hair, has swimming ever been an issue for you? Are you interested in this new hair protective product? Will you be purchasing from YGN?

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Originally posted 2021-06-30 14:01:00.

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