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With early returns for the upcoming film The Whale looking very promising, fans are rejoicing to see its star, Brendan Fraser, back in the spotlight. After going through a rough patch, the beloved actor has finally returned to the silver screen in a big way, and audiences are beside themselves with joy.

Whether they were reminiscing on his best roles from the past or simply applauding the man for his humble spirit, users on Reddit had a lot to say about Fraser’s big comeback. Even those who didn’t grow up with the performer couldn’t help but be moved by his career-reviving second chance.


Brendan Fraser Is More Than Just A Good Person

A lot of the hype surrounding Fraser’s return to relevance revolves around his gregarious and positive personality as seen in many fan interaction videos posted online. However, user Seisme1138 was glad he was getting other kinds of recognition, writing “Glad people are getting over him being human and getting back to seeing what an amazing actor he is.”

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While his personal struggles have garnered him a lot of attention, they overshadowed the supreme talent that Fraser has as an actor. Now that his goodwill tour is coming to an end, many fans are excited to see him return to the top, and possibly win awards in the process.

Brendan Fraser’s Standing Ovation For The Whale Was Only Six Minutes?

The video of Fraser receiving a lengthy ovation at the Venice Film Festival brought a tear to many an eye, and it even changed some people’s minds about the over-the-top tradition. User alancake totally changed their tune, saying “I heard ‘six minute ovation’ yesterday and scoffed…but finding out it was for this man I have zero issues”.

Though films at festivals like Cannes can have even longer standing ovations, Fraser’s six minutes of praise seemed like so much more than a simple “attaboy.” Fans were moved by Fraser’s reaction because it not only showed he had humility but was a long overdue recognition of his past work.

Brendan Fraser Is An International Treasure

Nostalgia is a driving factor behind a lot of fans’ excitement surrounding Fraser’s comeback, and some fans want to share their excitement with the entire world. User Alert_Breadfruit_434 wasn’t afraid to be verbose when they said “He’s not only a national treasure, he’s a treasure of the whole world”.

Fraser has starred in some great movies that weren’t just big hits in North America but all around the globe as well. As such, his “Brenaissance” has been warmly received by fans worldwide, and he is one of the few celebrity figures who brings people together instead of dividing them.

No Brendan Fraser Haters

When it comes to public figures, no matter what they do, there will always be people in the world who find a reason to dislike them. User PensadorDispensado thought the opposite was true of Fraser, commenting “This guy is one of the actors that we just can’t hate”.

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Separating the art from the artist is especially difficult in the social media age, but Fraser seems to get better the more is revealed about him. His performances have always been top-notch, and every personal account of meeting him makes him out to be a true gem.

Brendan Fraser Got His Smile Back

Though almost all fans have been glad to see Fraser on the comeback trail, it has mostly been a response to seeing him on the big screen again. User TakeMeToTheBeach01 was happy that Fraser was happy when they wrote “I’m so happy to see him smiling again…I hope it gets better for him now!”

The “Brenaissance” is not only a good thing for fans that want to see him perform again, but it is also a personal victory for the man himself. With a lot of his personal struggles being made public as of late, fans have an extra vested interest in seeing him become a success again.

Celebrating Good People Like Brendan Fraser

Celebrity doesn’t discriminate, and some feel that the spotlight shines all too often on the wrong individuals. User FreeFromFrogs shared that opinion when they said “It feels good to celebrate people who are not aholes. We should do that more”.

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There is no doubt that the fame of celebrity can sometimes be a corrupting influence, and it is a dark day indeed for fans when they learn their idols are out of touch with the rest of the world. Fraser is a faith-restoring celebrity who makes people feel better about themselves and their fandom. Because of this, a large group of people have felt no hesitation in rallying behind his inspiring comeback story.

Brendan Fraser Was Missed

After spending years starring in some of the best movies of the ’90s and ’00s, Fraser’s sudden departure from the spotlight left many fans confused. User Iced_Jade hoped that their love was felt by the man himself when they said “I hope he realizes how much people love him and missed him when he wasn’t acting.”

Though he is clearly a humble person, his emotional response to positive praise is proof that Fraser is well aware that he had supporters all along. As with anyone who goes through bad moments in their lives, one of the hardest parts of getting back on track is understanding that there have always been people behind them and in their corner.

Brendan Fraser’s Much-Needed Comeback

Other people’s triumphs can be a source of strength to an entire group of onlookers, and Fraser’s very public return is spreading goodness in the world. User buddy_mcbud got quite personal with it when they said “I need this comeback story. I need it so bad.”

Famous and successful people don’t often show their more vulnerable sides, but Fraser hasn’t been afraid to give everyone the scoop. Because of this transparency, he has not only endeared himself to fans around the world but has stood as an inspiration to those who are trying to get out of similar predicaments.

The Whale Looks Great

Fraser is a legitimate actor with a lengthy filmography, therefore it is no surprise that his return should be so much more than a simple nostalgia trip. User Overcast206 looked to the future when they said “His work in this movie seems next level, I have to see it.”

Referring to the upcoming film The Whale, the user makes a good point about actors who return after an absence. As nice as it is to celebrate Fraser for his personality, the thing that really lasts forever is the work he lays down on film. In that regard, Fraser’s legacy is surely set in stone. He’s considered a frontrunner for winning the Oscar, and he is likely to hit a home run in his newest projects.

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Denis Ava
Denis Ava
Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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