Secret Ways to Revive Lydia After Death


Skyrim followers have an unfortunate habit of getting lost or dying, and the housecarl Lydia is no exception. Here are a few tricks to get her back.

Lydia is arguably one of the most memorable followers in all of Skyrim, but unfortunately, it’s all too easy to either lose track of her or watch her die in a fight during the Dragonborn’s journey across the region. Luckily, there are a few tricks to revive Lydia after death. It’s worth noting, however, that these tips almost all make use of the in-game command console, which is only available for PC users.

For many players, Lydia will be the first follower encountered in-game. She’s assigned as the Dragonborn’s housecarl in Whiterun following the progression of Skyrim‘s main storyline. She only scales with the player up to level 50, though, meaning it gets riskier to bring her along as players progress to higher levels. Even then, there are some ways to ensure Lydia stays alive.


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How to Get Lydia Back in Skyrim

Skyrim Secrets To Bringing Lydia Back Console PC Resurrect

Firstly, if Lydia’s just lost, it’s best to skip a few hours ahead in-game to see if she just got stuck somewhere. If she were told to wait somewhere, Lydia would likewise reappear at either Breezehome or Dragonsreach after a few days have passed. If she still doesn’t turn up after that, PC players can open Skyrim‘s command console by pressing the “~” key. There, they can use Lydia’s reference ID to bring her directly to their side by typing “Prid 000A2C94 moveto player“. If the Dragonborn would rather teleport to Lydia, the command is “player.moveto 000A2C94“.

How to Revive Lydia if Dead

Lydia in Whiterun in Skyrim

If Lydia is dead, however, the problem becomes more difficult for players to resolve. There are no spells in Skyrim that can effectively bring an NPC back from the dead. The Raise Zombie spell will only temporarily bring Lydia back, and she’ll turn into a pile of ashes afterward. The Soul Tear dragon shout achieves a similar result. The only real option is to load a previous save.

Once again, however, PC players can use console commands to revive Lydia if she has died. They just need to type the “resurrect” code, “000A2C94.resurrect” after clicking on her body, and Lydia will return just as she was, though some players report her inventory resetting after she’s brought back to life. To that end, it might be best to loot any important items from Lydia’s dead body in advance before reviving her.

Skyrim: Lydia’s ID

Skyrim's Lydia in a green light with faint computer code superimposed over the image

In Skyrim, Lydia’s reference ID is usually 000A2C94. However, there are some versions which list Lydia’s ID in Skyrim as 000A2C8E. Players are encouraged to try the other ID code if the above instructions don’t produce the desired results. It is also not necessary to always add the initial “000” when inputting NPC codes – a2c94.resurrect or a2c8e.resurrect will work just as well. Proper manipulation of NPC ID codes can even be utilized to create an entirely new copy of Lydia, so Skyrim players on PC have a lot of options if they want to keep Lydia alive.

To learn more about how Skyrim’s ID codes work, and all the fun tricks you can do with them, check out the official Skyrim Wiki’s page on NPCs.

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