See Saweetie’s Sexiest Swimwear Moments on Instagram


American rapper and actress Saweetie, who made her debut as Indigo on Grown-ish, proves she’s a woman of many talents who also has a different bikini for each day of the month — and then some. Realizing just how dressed up she gets to kick it poolside, we had to narrow down her swimsuit ‘grams to some of our favorites. As you scroll, you might immediately start sensing a pattern. Saweetie tends to reach for triangle cuts in bright, neon colors, and she spends a lot of her quality vacation time in Miami to show off her summer style. Two-pieces aside, Saweetie’s also worn gorgeous one-pieces and maillots for shoots (see: Prada on a boat and Chanel at the beach). She is a fan of swim label Sel Doval and works with stylists Bryon Javar and Wilford Lenov, who we’re assuming had a hand in fine-tuning this incredible collection of swimwear. Keep reading to see Saweetie’s 21 best swimwear moments to date.

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Denis Ava
Denis Ava
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