Shake Reacts To Not Being ‘Body Positive’ & Claps Back


Shake claps back at a follower on social media who shared the definition of “body positivity.” Find out what the Love Is Blind season 2 star said.

Abhishek Chatterjee a.k.a. Shake responded to a Love Is Blind fan on Instagram who commented in one of his posts with the definition of “body positivity.” At the reunion, it became clear that Shake didn’t go on Love Is Blind with the right mindset and attitude. After asking several questions about women’s body sizes and shapes in the pods, Shake moved forward on the show getting engaged with Deepti Vempati. Alas, their relationship wasn’t as straightforward as the other couples in season 2.

After going through a series of trials that included a couple’s retreat in Mexico and then moving in together into the same apartment in Chicago, Deepti did her best to widen Shake’s horizons and develop a deeper connection with him. In turn, Shake maintained a hard-headed approach where he kept seeing Deepti as a family member and noted that he wasn’t physically attracted to her. After the season ended, many Love Is Blind viewers criticized Shake’s behavior and claimed that he didn’t have a “body-positive” attitude on the show.


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Now, Shake has once again taken to Instagram to respond to some of the criticism he’s received from reality TV fans about his overall appearance on Love Is Blind season 2 and behavior in the reunion special and post-season era. As seen in the screenshot below, a fan responded to one of Shake’s posts with the definition of body positivity. As his usual outspoken self, Shake replied: “Couldn’t agree more. That said, just because I am more attracted to a certain type of body doesn’t mean I don’t value and appreciate other body types. Hope that helps.”

Abhishek Chatterjee aka Shake from Love Is Blind season 2 replies to follower on Instagram

Particularly since the Love Is Blind season 2 reunion, Shake has been trying to make the point that he is a body-positive person who just happens to have a very specific taste in women. For one, this argument seems contradictory by definition. Secondly, his costars have tried to explain a few times that Shake could still have certain preferences without making women feel uncomfortable with his questions and without dragging out a relationship like the one he had with Deepti. All things considered, Shake made Deepti feel like she couldn’t be enough for someone no matter how great their emotional connection was.

Fans are still holding a grudge against Shake after what they saw from him on Love Is Blind. In any case, Shake has moved on with a new girlfriend and shared new pictures with her recently. Now, reality TV viewers are already looking forward to when Love Is Blind season 3 will drop on Netflix.

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Source: Abhishek Chatterjee a.k.a. Shake/Instagram

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