Spock Or Number One In Strange New Worlds?


Strange New Worlds features two of Starfleet’s most physically imposing characters in Spock and Number One, but who’s the stronger officer?

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds features two physically imposing officers, Spock and Number One, but who’s stronger? Spock’s background is the stuff of pop culture legend at this point; introduced in Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock is the product of a human mother and Vulcan father, ultimately choosing to live his life in the Vulcan tradition. Strange New Worlds chronicles Spock’s early days on the Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike.


Pike’s trusted first officer is Una Chin-Riley, generally referred to simply as Number One. While she was believed to be human, it was revealed she was a genetically enhanced Illyrian in the SNW season one episode “Ghosts Of Illyria.” Illyrians alter their genetic makeup to colonize planets rather than change conditions on them, which flies in the face of the Federation’s ban on augments. Number One’s enhanced abilities helped save the Enterprise crew from a light virus, but it eventually led to her being arrested by Starfleet at the end of SNW season 1.

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Is Number One Stronger Than Spock In Strange New Worlds?

Number One and Spock in the Turbolift in Star Trek: Short Treks

Number One displayed some impressive physical abilities in “Ghosts Of Illyria.” She could lift unconscious Chief Engineer Hemmer over her shoulder with ease and bested Chief Of Security La’an Noonien Singh in hand-to-hand combat with little trouble. The confrontation with La’an also led to the cure for the light virus via Number One’s genetically enhanced antibodies.

While the full extent of her physical abilities has yet to be explored, it still seems unlikely Number One is stronger than Spock. Vulcans are approximately three times stronger than the average human, with enhanced lung capacity and metabolism. Spock is only half-Vulcan but has displayed his impressive power on more than one occasion. For example, Spock used his agility and strength to evade pirate intruders in the SNW season one episode “The Serene Squall.” Perhaps most famously, the TOS episode “Amok Time” featured an unhinged, pon farr-fueled Spock taking on Captain James T. Kirk in hand-to-hand combat; Kirk was no slouch himself in battle, but Spock dominated the fight, very nearly killing his captain.

Spock Couldn’t Overpower Khan In Star Trek Into Darkness

Star trek into darkness benedict Cumberbatch khan Zachary Quinto Spock

Spock once took on a genetically enhanced human he couldn’t overpower — Khan Noonien Singh. Khan was the product of late 20th-century genetic engineering and ruled over a significant portion of Earth during the height of the Eugenics Wars. He was awakened in the 23rd century, once again bent on conquest and destruction.

Spock and Khan fought a vicious battle during the climax of the Kelvin timeline film Star Trek Into Darkness. The pair were evenly matched, with Khan gaining the upper hand before a timely intervention by phaser-wielding Nyota Uhura turned the tide. There’s yet to be any indication that Number One possesses the same physical power as Khan, but Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has primed its audience to expect the unexpected regarding the Enterprise’s mysterious first officer.

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