Take a Look at Simone Biles’s Best Style Moments


Is there anything Simone Biles can’t do? The answer is no cause she’s a GOAT! While we pretty much sit back in awe of everything the history-making athlete does, it’s also important to note that her personal style is also one for the books. If you take one look at her Instagram account, you’ll see that she loves to dabble in fashion as well, in case you weren’t able to tell from her amazing leotards as well. In fact, she’s even had a partnership with Athleta, one of our favorite workout brands.

While taking a look at Simone’s outfits, you’ll see that her style is the ideal mix of sporty and trendy. You’ll see her clothes that are not only relatable and comfy, but chic as heck too. One second you’ll see her in a white puff-sleeved dress, and another, she’ll be wearing a crop top with a colorful head scarf and cut-off shorts. Read on to see some of our favorite outfits ahead.

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Originally posted 2021-07-15 09:19:41.

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