The 10 Best-Looking Pokémon TCG Radiant Cards, Ranked


The Radiant Cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game have some of the best art in the series, and they deserve to be appreciated for it. While there are a lot of Pokémon cards with great artwork, the main gimmick of Radiant Pokémon ensures that they stand out. No matter how practical they may be, their excellent art makes them perfect for collectors.

Radiant Pokémon are a unique type of card, and players are only allowed to have a single Radiant Pokémon in their deck. However, more than the powerful attacks their cards frequently have, Radiant Pokémon are more notable for the main gimmick in their artwork. Every Radiant Pokémon depicts the Shiny variant of the Pokémon in question. This gives the cards a unique look, since the vast majority of cards depict Pokémon with their normal color scheme. Even with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet making Shiny Hunting easier, they’re still highly sought after, which makes a series of cards based on Shinies a brilliant idea.

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10 Radiant Tsareena (Silver Tempest)

Radiant Tsarneena Art From The Pokémon Trading Card Game

After evolving from a borderline helpless Bounsweet into a classy, confident brawler, Tsareena is one of the most dangerous Grass-type Pokémon a trainer could find. The Radiant Tsareena card manages to capture its essence perfectly. Its relaxed pose puts its dignified, even arrogant personality on display, while the fierce look in its eyes implies that it’s still ready for a fight at any moment. Its personality and ability are perfectly balanced in the artwork. The Shiny Tsareena’s pink and purple color scheme contrasts well with the lush green background, making a refreshing combination for a powerful Grass-type Pokémon card.

9 Radiant Charjabug (Crown Zenith)

Radiant Charjabug Art From The Pokémon Trading Card Game

Being neither a basic nor fully-evolved Pokémon, Charjabug may be the most surprising Pokémon to recieve a Radiant card so far. However, the card it did receive turned out quite well. While most Radiant cards go out of their way to make the Pokémon look impressive, Radiant Charjabug instead portrays a cute scene of several Charjabugs, with a Shiny one front and center. For a Pokémon like Charjabug, who isn’t known for its power, this was a wise choice. The best artistic decision here is the inclusion of other Charjabugs in the picture, helping the Shiny one pop more.

8 Radiant Charizard (Crown Zenith)

Radiant Charizard Art From The Pokémon Trading Card Game

The Radiant Charizard from Crown Zenith is actually a reprint of a card from the Pokémon GO collection, and while Pokémon puts Charizard in too many games, it’s undeniable that the reprinted art was a massive improvement. This card sees a Shiny Charizard flying through the sky, capturing a sense of speed and majesty that the previous version of the card lacked. Charizard cuts through the water below as it flies past, creating an impressive-looking effect. This new art makes Charizard look as powerful as its reputation.

Close-up on the artwork of the Pokémon TCG's Radiant Eevee Sword and Shield promo card, showing a Shiny Eevee in a cave with multi-colored stalactites.

Eevee is almost as iconic as Pikachu, as its many evolutions and starring role in Let’s Go, Eevee! can attest. However, one thing Eevee has that Pikachu does not is a Radiant Pokémon card. This cute yet mysterious image features a Shiny Eevee happily running through a cave while surrounded by multicolored crystals. The color scheme of the crystals matches Eevee’s evolutions, adding a detail for players to theorize over. It does a good job of capturing Eevee’s sheer adorableness as well as the mystery of Eevee’s many evolutions in Pokémon.

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6 Radiant Steelix (Lost Origin)

Radiant Steelix Art From The Pokémon Trading Card Game

Radiant Steelix takes a lot of simple ideas and executes them well. Steelix’s Shiny palette being gold is an easy base to work with, leading to the image of a giant, golden serpent made of metal leaping at the card’s holder. In addition, the crystaline cave that acts as the artwork’s background is reminiscent of the Crystal Onix from the anime. Radiant Steelix doesn’t have a lot of elements, with the art consisting solely of Steelix itself and the background. However, Radiant Steelix’s art is so good with only those details that it doesn’t need anything else to be special.

5 Radiant Hisuian Sneasler (Lost Origin)

Radiant Hisuian Sneasler art from the Pokémon Trading Card Game

As the best Hisuian Form in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Sneasler was a natural choice as the first to get a Radiant Pokémon incarnation. In its Radiant image, Sneasler isn’t in the midst of action. Rather, it’s in a relaxed pose with a confident smirk, giving the lanky Pokémon a punk vibe. While it is at rest in the image, its impressively long claws are put on full display, reminding the player of how dangerous it can be. The cloudy sky above helps to set the scene as one of Hisui’s most interesting new Pokémon finds a moment to relax.

4 Radiant Alakazam (Silver Tempest)

Radiant Alakazam art from the Pokémon Trading Card Game

Alakazam was one of the original top-tier Pokémon, and its Radiant Pokémon card does not disappoint. Its pose is familiar, holding up its two spoons and facing the viewer. What truly sells this card is the background. As Alakazam stares, the crackling psychic energy behind it does a good job of emphasizing Psychic-type Pokémon’s strength in Generation 1. Alakazam benefited from that more than any Pokémon aside from Mewtwo, so it only seems fitting that its Radiant card captures that level of immense power.

3 Radiant Greninja (Astral Radiance)

Radiant Greninja Art From The Pokémon Trading Card Game

Out of all the Radiant Pokémon cards, Radiant Greninja is the most serene. It features a Shiny Greninja in a meditative stance, alone on a cliff’s edge at sunrise. The beautiful landscape depicted in the card’s art deserves a few points on its own, and the combination with Greninja’s purely disciplined yet relaxed pose works perfectly. It sells Greninja’s concept as a wise and powerful Ninja Pokémon. The little details, such as the water reflecting the pinkish hue of the sky and the sheen of Greninja’s knees put this art over the top.

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2 Radiant Gardevoir (Lost Origin)

Radiant Gardevoir art from the Pokémon Trading Card Game

As seen with Takumi Wada’s unreleased Gardevoir Pokémon card, Gardevoir’s graceful side is often emphasized in its Pokémon card art. While Radiant Gardevoir certainly captures that side of it, it also gives a feeling of incredible power. Radiant Gardevoir’s pose is strong and determined, as though it is casting a spell against an enemy. The swirling, collected energy behind it adds to the sense of power that Radiant Gardevoir has. Shiny Gardevoir’s excellent color palette of light blue hair and arms contrasting with the glowing yellows and oranges behind it helps the powerful and dignified Pokémon stand out.

1 Radiant Eternatus (Crown Zenith)

Radiant Eternatus art from the Pokémon Trading Card Game

Radiant Eternatus is a relatively new Pokémon card, and it’s already one of the best-looking. The Shiny Eternatus’ striking red color is accompanied by a background that looks like a swirling morning sky. It almost looks like Eternatus is emerging from another dimension in the picture, which would be appropriate given Eternatus’ power nearly destroyed a Pokémon region. Placing such an intimidating Pokémon on a beautiful background creates an image that works astoundingly well. This impressive artwork makes Radiant Eternatus the best-looking Radiant Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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