The 10 Best New Movies To Watch On Netflix This Month (Updated November 2022)


Netflix has added a multitude of incredible content over the years, and the best movies on Netflix have helped to maintain its status as one of the most highly regarded streaming services around. Each month, Netflix adds and removes titles from the platform, keeping its library interesting for its subscribers.

The streaming service has recently added and is continuing to bring in some fantastic movies, some of which are old favorites and others that are the newest original movies from the streaming platform. The best movies on Netflix in November, as well as those that were recently added beforehand, range in genre, so fans of all kinds of media can find something to enjoy.


RIPD 2: Rise Of The Damned (2022)

While RIPD sounded like a good idea, the horror action comedy bombed with audiences and critics when it was released. Quite surprisingly, the franchise lives on years later with the release of RIPD 2: Rise of the Damned.

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Without the original stars Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges returning, the new movie stars Jeffrey Donovan as an Old West lawman who is killed and winds up working for an afterlife police department that handles supernatural threats. Though few fans were asking for this follow-up, perhaps it could succeed where the original failed.

The Bad Guys (2022)

While comic book movies like Thunderbolts and The Suicide Squad turn villains into heroes, the family-friendly animated adventure The Bad Guys takes a similar approach with some colorful animal characters.

The movie follows a criminal crew of critters who attempt to pull off a daring con by acting like the good guys. The movie features a fun voice cast including Sam Rockwell and Awkwafina. It offers the kind of funny and thrilling animated entertainment the whole family can enjoy together.

Is That Black Enough For You?!? (2022)

For movie fans, it is always captivating to look back on the history of cinema to see the movement and under-told stories that helped shape pop culture. Is That Black Enough For You?!? is a documentary by Elvis Mitchell that explores Black cinema in the 1970s and its influence.

The movie features interviews with people who helped shape this era of movies, from Margaret Avery to Billy Dee Williams, as well as the stars it inspired, such as Samuel L. Jackson and Zendaya.

Capturing The Killer Nurse (2022)

There are plenty of true-crime documentaries on Netflix to choose from but Capturing the Killer Nurse might be of particular interest to some viewers. The documentary is offered as a companion piece to the new Netflix movie The Good Nurse starring Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne.

It follows the investigation into Charles Cullen, a nurse who was thought to be one of the most prolific serial killers in American history. The documentary dives into how he was stopped with the help of a fellow nurse.

Falling For Christmas (2022)

With the Halloween season over, November sees a dramatic shift towards a new holiday with Netflix offering endless Christmas content. But while there is an eager audience for these annual types of movies, one yuletide rom-coms is of particular interest.

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Falling for Christmas finds Lindsay Lohan back in a starring role as an heiress who loses her memory and finds herself in the care of a kind widower. It remains to be seen if the movie can rise above the typical genre offerings but Lohan’s name certainly adds some intrigue to it all.

The Wonder (2022)

Even with a short career thus far, Florence Pugh has several acclaimed movies to her name. Her latest is the period drama The Wonder in which she plays a nurse who investigates a strange case of a young Irish girl who has gone without eating for months.

Pugh brings a strong presence and intensity to all of her roles, with this one looking to be a more stoic and reserved performance. As one of the most promising and talented young actors, any movie with Pugh in it draws a lot of attention.

The Swimmers (2022)

True stories of people overcoming extraordinary odds always seem to grab audiences. The Swimmers looks to be the latest inspiring story based on remarkable events. It is the story of Yusra and Sarah Mardini who fled their home in Syria in 2015 only to compete as Olympic swimmers in 2016.

The true story behind the challenges and dangers that these sisters faced as well as the accomplishments they were able to achieve is an incredible tale. There is no doubt it will make for a profound experience.

My Father’s Dragon (2022)

The Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon has already given fans the likes of The Secret of the Kells and Wolfwalkers. They now return with another fantasy adventure, My Father’s Dragon. The movie tells the story of a lonely young boy who forms a bond with a friendly dragon on a mysterious island.

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The look of these movies is beautiful and unlike any of the animated movies being released these days. And while they offer fun family-friendly adventures, there is also so much heart and beauty in these stories.

Enola Holmes 2 (2022)

After playing Stranger Thing‘s superpowered hero Eleven, Millie Bobby Brown returns to her other more grounded yet still heroic Netflix role of Enola Holmes. The mystery sequel finds Enola on another dangerous case which sees her partnering with her famous brother Sherlock (Henry Cavill).

Brown brought so much charm and humor to the first movie that elevated it to a fun mystery adventure. With Cavill presumably getting an expanded role, it could be fun to see their chemistry as the two detectives are forced to work together.

Slumberland (2022)

As Netflix continues to search for its big movie franchise, Slumberland might offer an unexpected answer. The family-friendly adventure follows a little girl who loses her father only to venture into the world of dreams he used to tell her about.

Jason Momoa is along for the ride as the heroic imaginary creature who joins her on her journey. It looks to be trying to capture the fantasy fun of movies like Harry Potter series and the premise certainly has the potential to deliver fun for all ages.

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