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Jill Ashock of Outlast has no problem embracing her title as the villain of the show, and she shares that sentiment on social media often. The Kentucky native made herself a list of enemies when she decided to embrace the no-rules approach to the survival competition game. Seeing Jill fall short at the end was a relief, but the private investigator hasn’t stopped speaking out.

The 40-year-old Outlast competitor was not a fan favorite. Will the Netflix show seemed to be a cross between Alaskan Bush People and Hunger Games, Jill really gravitated toward the mindset of being out for blood. There was no doubt that Jill was physically and mentally strong for the challenge, as she had worked as an EMT and firefighter before. Jill also had a solid background in wilderness survival and plant identification. Additionally, she’d taught self-confidence classes. Jill had many attributes that afforded her a chance to win, including being ranked first in Kentucky for archery.

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Jill took to her Instagram Live to offer some insight into her gameplay, noting that she was there to promote her belief in supporting other women. Surprisingly, many of her followers backed up her approach to the game, stating that they, “supported her.” Jill’s followers declared that the show would have just been another boring survival show like Survivor without Team Alpha and Jill’s leadership.

9 Outlast’s Jill Ashock Mocks Trolls

In a humorous yet mind-scratching post, Jill decided to blast the bullies online in an unorthodox way. With Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” playing in the background, Jill decided to address the issues that Outlast fans have been having with her gameplay. Jill pointed out that, “every one” of her haters would, “want” to be on her team if the apocalypse was looming. The mother of three also thanked the trolls for driving up her follower count, as this made her online platform bigger.

8 Outlast’s Jill Ashock Think She’s Been Dragged Through The Mud

In one of her weirder posts, Jill revealed that a top law firm had approached her to sign with them, and commended her on her, “bravery.” Evidently, Jill was being applauded for choosing to stay on a team with Amber Asay over trying to win the cash prize. Jill noted in her caption that many were trying to, “take her down,” even though the Outlast star was trying to build an “empire” as a strong woman. Jill ended her post by sharing that she would always choose Amber.

7 Outlast’s Jill Ashock Blasts Scene With Jordan

A post made a week ago by Jill showed the Outlast player becoming irate over fans calling out the show’s safety. In the caption, the villain noted that viewers couldn’t see the, “truth,” noting that it was just a game show. The scene in question showed Jordan Williams collapsing due to hunger, but Jill revealed that no one was ever in true danger. She told people to, “wake the fu*k up.” One fan found her whole post, “disturbing.”

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6 Outlast’s Jill Ashock’s Fish Catch

During one episode of Outlast, the remaining competitors were given fishing bait and line so that they could try their hand at fishing for salmon. Winter was setting in, and the Outlast teams needed protein. Alpha and Charlie both caught their fair share of fish, but Jill had to take to her social media to clear the air. While calling out production, the Kentucky native stated that the team had caught eight large salmon, rather than three. Jill ended her post by saying that she caught her, “body weight” in fish.

5 Outlast’s Jill Ashock Chose Chaos

In a post that had the comments turned off, Jill shared a response to followers, who felt it was upsetting how Jill acted. The star noted that it was “sad” that the world would not choose to seek out the truth. Jill tried her best to garner sympathy, sharing that the sentiment was, “defeating.” At times, it was hard to watch Jill and her team on the eight-episode Netflix hit, but she has stood by her choices, often claiming she did the right thing when it came to her actions.

4 Outlast’s Jill Ashock’s Words Of Encouragement

The Outlast star howed off her fun side with a photo of her just, “hanging” around. She tried to lend some advice to her followers, telling them not to sit around and wait for an opportunity to come to them. Jill showed herself on a rock climb, monkeying around in her harness while enjoying a scenic view.

3 Outlast’s Jill Ashock Is A Loner

While it doesn’t come as a surprise, the Outlast star does better as an outsider. Jill’s alpha and aggressive attitude came off strong, and rubbed her teammate Justin the wrong way. However, it looks like the private investigator doesn’t have an issue with her personality. One post shared that she preferred to be alone since she couldn’t be, “disturbed.” She may very well get her wish, as after the show, most people don’t seem to like her.

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2 Outlast’s Jill Ashock Doesn’t Follow Rules

Recently, Jill posted a video of her Survivor-style spelunking, along with a voiceover that shamed those for following like little lambs to the slaughter. The voice asked if a friend asked her to jump off a bridge, would she follow? Naturally, Jill said no, and kept on moving. Her attitude came across exactly like this during Outlast, as she fought hard to get her opinions heard.

1 Outlast’s Jill Ashock Gets Deactivated

The Netflix personality recently was put on restriction by Instagram for referring to herself as, “poor white trash girl.” Without holding back, the Outlast star blasted Instagram and Mark Zuckerberg for punishing a woman who rose from the ashes to become a successful businesswoman. She said that automated computer restriction, “bullsh*t” was getting ridiculous.

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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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