The 4th Of July Is Coming up Soon! Do You Have Your Outfit Ready?!


When this article comes out we’ve would of already celebrated Juneteenth. Another holiday that highly anticipated and celebrated is July 4th. This the moment when we know Summer has officially began. It’s time for the cookouts, beach days, or simply hanging out with the family in the backyard.

Whether you have the role of cooking, hosting friends and family, chilling and looking cute or just assisting with the festivities. We have the perfect looks for you.

Dressing up for the holiday doesn’t have to be cheesy with the stripes and stars or even wearing red, white, and blue color combo. Unless that’s your thing. No judgment, I promise.

I’m not sure if ya’ll know this about me but my favorite thing to do is break the fashion rules. Literally any chance I can. Especially when something is expected of me when it comes to my body and what I should wear. Who says that you have to enjoy the 4th wearing just one uniform look? No one, EXACTLY! How about we celebrate this holiday in neon, a fun print with fashionable fabrics like lace, sheer, and florals.

We have unconventional stripes, stars, and colors you never considered wearing for the 4th of July. You’ll never know how much you love something until you step out of your comfort zone. Let’s get little uncomfortable with love of course.

10 UNCONVENTIONAL Plus Size Outfits For The 4th Of July

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July 4th doesn’t have to be about basic fashion looks. You aren’t basic and your style shouldn’t be either. One of my favorite looks from this list is the Eloquii striped mini dress. You can still indulge in stripes and be stylish. My rule of thumb when dressing for any occasion is to be bold, standout and where whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Talk about it: which outfits do you love and can see yourself wearing this July 4th? Do you prefer more of traditional fashion of this holiday or do you wear whatever you want? Has this article changed your mind in how you will dress? Let’s chats leave us a comment below.

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Originally posted 2021-06-26 12:18:43.

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Denis Ava
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