The Batman Billboard Displays Riddler Victim Duct Taped In Giant Bat


A new billboard displayed in Germany for the upcoming DC film The Batman depicts one of the Riddler’s victims duct taped in a giant bat

A new billboard for the upcoming DC film The Batman depicts one of the Riddler’s victims duct-taped in a giant bat. The Batman is the first DC film since 2019’s Joker to take place outside the DCEU. Set to feature a new incarnation of the Caped Crusader in the form of Robert Pattinson, The Batman is helmed by Cloverfield director Matt Reeves and will finally premiere in March 2022 after facing a slew of delays due to the pandemic.

While much is still unknown about the plot of The Batman, it has been revealed that the story will follow Bruce Wayne in his second year of crime-fighting as he attempts to track down the Riddler (Paul Dano). While many of the trailers for The Batman feature Dano’s voice as the Riddler, he is hardly seen at all. Still, his brutal methods and mind games are on full display as he uses duct tape to cover many of his victim’s faces, writing over them in what looks to be blood in some case. One of the only times Dano’s Riddler is revealed in the trailer, he is unraveling a roll of duct tape, giving the haunting impression that he just murdered someone.


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A new billboard for The Batman uses this image to their advantage. thebatmanig has posted an image of a billboard in Germany which features a giant duct-taped bat, with what is clearly the outline of one of the Riddler’s victim’s in the center. What makes the image the most haunting is the fact that the body is not an image but actually protrudes from the billboard, making it look frighteningly real. It is certainly a billboard that won’t be soon forgotten by anyone who drives by it. See the full post below:

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The billboard also features the words “No More Lies.” It has been heavily hinted at in The Batman trailers that the film will feature a subplot that involves Bruce Wayne discovering that his family was involved in corruption in Gotham City. The words “No More Lies” along with one of the Riddler’s victims implies that he is motivated to make Bruce Wayne come clean about his family, however, the capacity to which the Riddler is involved in the Waynes’ dealings has yet to be revealed.

All in all, this is most definitely an effective and creative billboard for The Batman. It raises many tantalizing questions about The Batman, while also being just gruesome enough to stick with anyone who sees it for quite some time. Honestly, if the billboard didn’t say The Batman at the top, it might initially frighten some people when they see it. With that said, like any good piece of marketing, fans will have no choice but to go see The Batman in March to finally have their questions answered.

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