The Batman Fan Poster Adapts Stunning Trailer Shot W/ Subtle Bat Symbol


A fan poster for The Batman adapts one the most striking visuals from the trailer, with the subtle inclusion of a Bat symbol in the shadows.

A fan poster for The Batman utilizes one of the most visually striking shots from the trailer and adds a subtle shadow of a Bat Symbol. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Matt Reeves’ new film, which promises to be a stripped-back, gritty, noir take on the character starring Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader. The film will see a Batman in the early years of his vigilantism as he is menaced by a sadistic serial killer known as the Riddler, who targets elite Gotham City citizens and reveals uncomfortable truths about Bruce Wayne’s own family.

One of the reasons why there is such anticipation around the film is the spectacular visuals that have been on display in the trailers. Greig Fraser serves as director of photography on the project, having previously worked on features such as Dune and Rogue One, and has turned his talents into creating a grounded yet dynamic visual style for The Batman. Fraser also worked on the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, which pioneered the use of ILM’s StageCraft technology in lieu of green screen, which The Batman also utilizes to apparently great effect.


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Now, fan artist @darkdesignpt crafts a fan poster for the the film that adapts a key image from the trailer, while also applying its own twist. The image takes the overhead shot from the trailer in which Pattinson’s Batman is seemingly leading a group of people by lighting a flare, in what fans speculate could be a rescue mission. A creative liberty has also been taken by having the flare cast a shadow that resembles a Bat symbol, something not present in the trailer shot. Check out the original post below:

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The poster takes a great shot from the trailer and runs with it to create a visually stunning piece that may become even more significant once fans have seen the moment in context. The decision to have the light from the flare cast a shadow of a bat is an aesthetic choice that has been taken by numerous creatives who have worked on Batman media over the years, from comics to screen. It’s a bold piece of expressionism that, while certainly unrealistic, is befitting of a larger than life character such as Batman, with even the more grounded films from Christopher Nolan including this imagery.

The fact that the cinematography of The Batman has already inspired works of fan art is a testament to Greig Fraser’s work, and also may explain the excitement around the film, despite it being the third iteration of the Dark Knight in the last decade. The Batman stands out, visually, from most of its contemporaries in the comic book movie genre due to the emphasis on practical effects, sets, costumes, and in-camera stunts. Comic book movies have become increasingly dominated by heavy amounts of CGI, with films in the MCU being criticized for having bland cinematography and feeling overly produced due to more of the production moving off location and onto green screen sets. The Batman so far feels much more tactile in comparison, which does a lot to give it its own visual identity among a sea of CGI-heavy blockbusters.

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Source: @darkdesignpt

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