The Best Long-Sleeve Tees for Men Are the Waviest Shirts You Can Buy Right Now


There are practical reasons to invest in the best long-sleeve tees for men: they’re both the ideal layer to pull on during those waning summer nights when it’s too chilly for short sleeves but too warm for a hoodie, and they’re your best defense against an all-embarrassing farmer’s tan. But mostly, the reason you’re seeing them everywhere right now is that they look really friggin’ cool. They always feel a little counterintuitive and unexpected, whether you’re tucking them into your chinos or playing off the contrast in lengths by paring ‘em with shorts. Plus, long sleeves mean designers have a whole bunch of extra real estate for the artisanal, off-kilter graphics we’re really feeling at the moment. 

You can find one in pretty much any silhouette imaginable, but the ones we prefer are crewnecks cut slightly boxy and with a generally relaxed fit, all the better to sync up with your biggest pants and chunkiest loafers. A six pack of Hanes V-necks these ain’t. (For now, at least, the V-neck remains T-shirt non grata). But if you’re looking for a grip of heavyweight, outfit-making tees you can wear in the evenings now and then never take off as soon as fall really hits, look no further. 

Here are 19 first-rate long sleeve tees for men, all of varying degrees of swerviness, right in time for the start of peak layering weather. Don’t let the opportunity go to waste.

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