The Camp Collar Shirt (AKA the Undisputed Shirt of Summer 2021) is Finally on Sale


There’s no doubt that the shirt of the summer is the camp-collar shirt. Its confident, open-collar design perfectly captures the season’s laid back energy, turning any and every dolt into an instant hot guy. Fully unbuttoned with an A-shirt for some real Sopranos-level swag, or bare-chested with a few chains, camp-collar shirts are a power move that also keeps you cool. And now’s the best time to grab a few for yourself. That’s because there are a ton of camp-collar shirts on sale right now, all over the gosh darn Internet, and guess what? It’s going to be sweltering for another four weeks, at least. Whether you’re in need of a wild standout vacation shirt, a toned-down camp shirt, or just a plaid shirt that can show off your swanky necklaces, there’s a camp-collar shirt (or two or three) in your future. To see for yourself, we’ve picked out the best camp-collar shirts on sale from around the ‘net just for you. So scroll on and save. 

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Denis Ava
Denis Ava
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