The Last of Us Fans Go Wild For Original Joel Actor’s Episode 8 Death


The Last of Us fans share their reactions to original Joel actor Troy Baker’s episode 8 death, which came at the hands of a surprising figure.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us episode 8The internet is going wild over the death of the Last of Us character played by the original Joel actor. The Last of Us episode 8, “When We Are in Need,” included Troy Baker, who voiced Joel in the original video game. On the television show, Baker plays James, a member of a religiously-oriented cult under the control of domineering leader David. James ultimately meets his demise at the hands of Ellie, who murders him after James and David attempt to kill and eat her.


Twitter fans went nuts after James died in The Last of Us episode 8. Many found it amusing that a franchise alum of his stature died so violently, while others posted shocked GIFs alongside comments like “ELLIE KILLED TROY BAKER!!?!” Check out more fan reactions below:

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How The Last of Us Episode 8 Sets Up Its Grand Finale

Ellie paying attention to Henry on their plan in The Last of Us

Baker’s inclusion in The Last of Us episode 8 was an exciting detail for many viewers who had either played the game or were aware of Baker from HBO’s The Last of Us podcast. Similarly to what The Last of Us did with Jeffrey Pierce, who voiced Tommy in the video game but played Perry in the show, Baker made his run on the series as a smaller character than he originally played. Baker’s death at Ellie’s hands is even more notable, as shocked fans note, because of the connection between Ellie and his original character, Joel.

James was not the only character to get murdered by Ellie in The Last of Us episode 8. Though The Last of Us has not shied away from violence in its run, this is the first time she has become this violent. Ellie has not only learned to hold her own, but if her gratuitous stabbing of David is any indication, she is filled with enough rage to wage a fearsome and bloody battle.

Even with James and David gone, Ellie and Joel are still in dire straits going into next week’s The Last of Us finale. Ellie is implied to have a concussion due to her fall off the horse in episode 8, and Joel is still recovering, albeit triumphantly, from his episode 6 stab wound. If The Last of Us‘ season finale plot goes how it did in the game, the pair will have to fight even more extensive battles than they did in episode 8.

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