The Nine Realms Gives Flame Throwers A Final Fight [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]


Screen Rant presents an exclusive clip from Dragons: The Nine Realms season 4, which opens up the Ice Realm on Hulu and Peacock on November 17.

Dragons: The Nine Realms says farewell to the Fire Realm when it returns on November 17, but not before sending the Flame Throwers back where they belong one last time in Screen Rant‘s new exclusive clip. The animated series, which airs on Hulu and Peacock, is a modern-day continuation of DreamWorks’s wildly popular How to Train Your Dragon franchise. The show’s first season premiered in December of 2021, transporting viewers to the modern-day era when dragons have disappeared into legend. But when a group of kids discovers them after arriving at a research facility with their parents, the Dragon Club vow to protect their new friends and the ancient realms together.


Season 3 of Dragons: The Nine Realms added Jun’s older brother Eugene as a new member of the club, as well as explored the impressive Fire Realm. Not only that, but the Dragon Club (made up of Tom, Alex, Jun, D’Angelo, and now Eugene) kept the Crystal Realm safe while bonding even more with their respective animal companions. And with Thunder in particular desperate to better understand his family, the door is open for Tom’s story to help tie The Nine Realms to the original How To Train Your Dragon franchise even more.

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What To Expect From Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 4

ice realm in dragons the nine realms season 4

As seen in Screen Rant‘s exclusive clip above, battles against the Fire Realm and its heated Flame Throwers are not quite done. But now that Tom and his friends have the confidence to push back and hold the fort every time, they are free to investigate other areas of equal splendor. But with new dragons come new dangers, especially as Tom (voiced by Jeremy Shada) and Thunder continue their search to learn more about the latter’s family.

Things are certain to only get more intense in Dragons: The Nine Realms once the Dragon Club’s enemy Leonard Burne, known as Buzzsaw, stumbles upon an entrance to the Hidden World. Between blizzards and snow volcanoes, the Riders have their work cut out for them while navigating the Ice Realm. And to top it all off, they must still protect their dragons from the researchers at ICARIS, who cannot find out about their closely guarded secret.

When Dreamworks first released How To Train Your Dragon in 2010, no one could imagine how quickly the universe would grow. Now, there are three movies, with the most recent being 2019’s How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World as well as several short films. Even the television side of the storytelling world has grown, with Dreamworks Dragons (which later became Dragons: Race to the Edge) and Dragons: Rescue Riders filling in different gaps that make the Isle of Berk all the more exciting for fans.

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Dragons: The Nine Realms season 4 premieres November 17 on Peacock and Hulu.

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