The Real Reason Not Everyone Can Become The Hulk


After trying to recreate the accident via experiment that created She-Hulk, scientists learned the truth that not everybody can just become a Hulk.

Spoilers for She-Hulk #8 by Marvel ComicsBecoming a Hulk in the Marvel Universe is quite a complicated process that can have dangerous side effects, as two scientists just found out the hard way. In She-Hulk #8 by Marvel Comics, two scientists try to gain the powers of the Hulk, but in doing so, they discover that making their own Jade Giant from scratch is not only next to impossible but accidentally transforms them forever without granting his incredible powers.


Gaining the powers and physiology of a Hulk is a process that almost always happens by accident. Bruce Banner was transformed into a Jade Giant after being caught in the middle of a gamma bomb detonating – as the event was the perfect mix of circumstances to change him into the powerful monster. Meanwhile, Jennifer Walters only gained her powers after being exposed to her cousin’s blood after needing a life-saving transfusion, as her own biology mixed with Banner’s gamma-powered blood turned her into She-Hulk. Now, when two scientists in the Marvel Universe are revealed to be trying to gain their Hulk powers, they quickly discover doing so is a challenge that not even their genius intellect can solve.

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In She-Hulk #8 by Rainbow Rowell, Takeshi Miyazawa, Rico Renzi, and VC’s Joe Caramagna from Marvel Comics, readers learn the backstories of April and Mark Booth, two characters who have been introduced as monsters themselves earlier in the series. April has a massive head on her petite frame, while her husband has become primitive and dangerous – like Hulk, but weaker and arguably in less control. In the issue, it’s revealed April and Mark were transformed after trying to gain Hulk’s powers, which had adverse side effects on both scientists.

The Scientist Want To Use She-Hulk To Fix Their Transformations

She-Hulk Transformation Scientists

Mark and April Booth are the surprise main antagonists of the current She-Hulk series, as they’ve tried to seek out the hero to study her biology and use her to turn themselves into the Hulks they envisioned they’d become after their initial experiments. Unfortunately, Mark and April failed at transforming themselves into Hulks with permanent negative effects on their appearances and brains – showing that making a Jade Giant isn’t simply as easy as recreating the accident in a lab setting. Creating Hulk requires a very particular set of biological circumstances.

The two scientists are now turning to She-Hulk to continue their evolution into Hulks, believing her control of her powers will help them fix their own physical and mental changes derived from their own dangerous experiments. Ultimately, the comic shows why there aren’t hundreds of Hulks on Earth, as creating them is an incredibly risky process that can’t be easily replicated – even by genius-level scientists. She-Hulk #8 by Marvel Comics is in comic book stores now.

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