The Upside Down Might Take Over Hawkins In Stranger Things Season 4



Stranger Things season 4’s Big Bad is here, and they’ve announced that the Upside Down will wage war against Hawkins in a bid to take it over. Ever since Stranger Things debuted in 2016, one of the show’s central locations has remained a mystery to fans and characters alike. Despite the pilot episode providing people with their first glimpse of the Upside Down, it is still unclear three seasons later just what the Eldritch location is, how it functions, and what’s keeping it from spilling out into the normal world.

Stranger Things season 4 is about to change everything, and Hawkins’ takeover by the Upside Down has shifted from possible to inescapable. The Upside Down was seemingly uncovered by Hawkins Lab operatives during their season 1 experiments, freeing the Demogorgon and setting Stranger Things‘ events in motion. However, the exact nature of the Upside Down is relegated to fan theories and educated guesses, as the show’s characters remain mystified by how the alternate dimension functions. The Upside Down is essentially a grimy mirror world, featuring almost all of the locations, items, and plant life found in its real-world equivalent, but is home to dozens of Demogorgons rather than any humans.


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In Stranger Things season 1, the Demogorgon escaped through the Upside Down and it was up to Eleven to destroy the monster by closing the portal between dimensions. However, despite this feat almost killing the young heroine, it was also a temporary fix. By Stranger Things season 2, the break between real-life Hawkins and Upside Down Hawkins was big enough for numerous Demogorgons to make it through, and the gate that Eleven eventually closed was far larger this time around. Stranger Things season 3 had no time for exploring the Upside Down, thanks to its many subplots. But, the alternate dimension plays a major role in Stranger Things season 4, and its hostile takeover of Hawkins will serve as the show’s climax.

What Does The Clock In Stranger Things Season 4 Mean For Hawkins?

Stranger Things Season 4 Clock Breaks

Stranger Things season 4 is riddled with images of the mysterious clock, this is what it means. Outside of the old Grandfather clock, the trailer shows numerous clocks, signifying that time is running out for the city of Hawkins. The clocks could be an indication of this, as a voiceover from Stranger Things’ season 4 villain (played by Robert Englund and possibly called “Vecna”) proclaims that the Upside Down is declaring war on Hawkins. The strangest motif comes when Max discovers the grandfather clock embedded in the wall. This could be another indication that Hawkins’ time is short, and the Upside Down is taking over. Another theory that’s been popping up is that Stranger Things season 4 will include time travel. It makes sense, as the Upside Down is a mysterious place in its own dimension, and Eleven is shown using her powers (with her signature shaved head).

Fortunately, for the characters of Stranger Things, debating the exact nature of the Upside Down has not been a major concern since Eleven managed to close the gate to the dimension back in season 2’s climax. On the other hand, the Stranger Things season 4 trailer admits that the Upside Down is coming for Dustin, Max, Steve, Lucas, and company. The clock in Season 4 has been spotted prominently throughout earlier Stranger Things season 4 promos and trailers. And, judging by its vine-strewn appearance, the antique clearly has something to do with the Upside Down. The clock may be providing a link between dimensions – and the breakage of its face breaks in the trailers and posters might signal that the wall dividing Hawkins and the Upside Down is about to crumble, with the latter taking over the former.

Hawkins Is At War With The Upside Down In Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things season 4 suggests that the Upside Down isn’t using under-the-surface tactics anymore: instead, dialogue makes it clear that the Upside Down and all of its creepy creatures plan on waging an outright war. The villain even goes so far as to admit and directly threaten the planned takeover, and more monsters are circling than ever before. There are flying pterodactyl-esque beings circling the Creel House, Demagorgons in the Russian prison, and a strange, blue, tentacle-y Big Bad who has replaced the Mind Flayer. If the trailer is any indication, Stranger Things season 4 features a dizzying host of bizarre, horrible beings, and they seem to be hell-bent on a singular objective: occupy Hawkins. Whether the monsters invade en masse or take a slow, sneaky approach is anyone’s guess. Either way, a Stranger Things season 4 war is inevitable.

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What Else Will Happen In Stranger Things Season 4?

Stranger Things Season 4 Lucas

Netflix is keeping any information close to its chest, per their usual tactics. However, a lot can be gleaned from the earliest full Stranger Things season 4 footage. The new season picks up directly where season 3 left off: Billy is dead, the gate is closed, the Byers (and Eleven) have moved, and the Mind Flayer is no more. Mike and the remaining members of his crew are attending High School, and it seems that Lucas is doing pretty well for himself as he excels in sports. Eleven and Will, on the other hand, try to stick together, as they have trouble fitting in at their new school. Eleven is shown using her powers again, despite losing them in Stranger Things season 3, which could give credence to the time travel theories. Hopper is also not dead: rather, he’s being held captive at a Russian prison that’s using a Demagorgan against human subjects. Finally, the Big Bad regales his plans for Hawkins’ takeover, and the Upside Down will be at war with the town.

The Upside Down may be what provides Hopper with a route back to Hawkins that doesn’t take months of travel, as he is currently exiled in Russia. The alternate dimension is the home of “Vecna” and the source of Stranger Things season 4’s new antagonists, with the Mind Flayer, the Demogorgon, and season 3’s Spider Monster all finding their origin in the Upside Down. Stranger Things season 4 has confirmed an impending takeover, so the small town will be consumed by transdimensional war sometime soon.

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