The Worst Insults LPBW’s Matt Roloff Has Aimed At Family Members


Over the years, Matt Roloff of Little People, Big World has slung some major insults at his extended family, especially when he hasn’t gotten his way.

Little People, Big World viewers are not surprised when Matt Roloff insults his family since he is quite a narcissist. Over the years, Matt’s mean words have been aimed at everyone from his ex-wife Amy to his son Zach. No one has ever tried to shut Matt down, so he keeps taking cheap shots when he can.

Matt has never been a fan favorite on Little People, Big World mostly due to how he interacts with his family. TLC viewers watched as Matt could hardly contain all his ideas for the farm. But instead of discussing them with Amy when they were married, he would often make large purchases without consulting her and then ask for forgiveness at a later date. Matt’s attitude issues eventually caught up with him when his marriage ended and some of his children stopped talking to him.


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Matt Is Rude To Amy About Her Salsa

One major feud between the former married couple involved Amy’s pumpkin salsa. As most LPBW viewers know, Amy loves to cook and came up with the recipe back in 2016 in hopes of marketing it in time for pumpkin season. At the time, Matt told Amy he was “not excited” about the product. But his tune quickly changed after Whole Foods agreed to sell the salsa in its stores. Matt was then slammed for trying to steal Amy’s idea and take credit.

Matt Disses Jeremy And Zach Amid Feud

LPBW viewers watched this season as Matt developed a feud with his twin boys, Zach and Jeremy. For multiple seasons, Zach had been groomed to take over Roloff Farms, but in a random turn of events, Matt refused to sell the land to his son. Viewers learned that Matt actually wanted more money than his son could afford. In a brutal move that Matt knew would hurt his sons, he posted a Help Wanted ad for anyone who wanted to come work on the family farm, noting he was looking for “strong and reliable” employees and making sure not to invite Jeremy or Zach back.

Matt Does Nothing As His Girlfriend Caryn Chandler Takes A Swing

Little People, Big World viewers watched the latest season as Caryn called Zach and Tori’s behavior “weird.” Caryn took the insult to the next level as she compared the Roloff clan to her own family and insinuated that her boyfriend’s family had some major issues. While it may not have been Matt saying the cruel words, for many, Caryn is an extension of the patriarch making her words just as cutting.

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Little People, Big World returns Tuesday, November 1 at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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