Three Better Call Saul Short Spinoff Series Coming To AMC+


Three Better Call Saul short spinoffs are being released this spring along with the show’s final season, streaming exclusively on AMC+.

Better Call Saul will be releasing three short spinoffs this spring to coincide with the series’ sixth and final season. The series has previously released shorts with live-action and animated elements, including Employee Training: Legal Ethics with Kim Wexler alongside the fifth season, which won the Emmy for Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series. The shorts are much more comedic in tone than the base series and include many in-jokes and Easter eggs to Better Call Saul and its parent show, Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul follows Jimmy McGill as he navigates being a criminal defense lawyer as well as his personal struggles as he transforms into the titular Saul Goodman, the fan-favorite lawyer of Walter White on Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul will premiere its final season on April 18, two years after its fifth season, with 13 episodes, 3 longer than the show’s usual 10. The long delay is attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as star Bob Odenkirk’s on-set heart attack, leading to a delay in filming.


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According to AMC Networks, the three short spinoffs will include a reprisal of the Better Call Saul Employee Training Videos, as well as new titles Slippin’ Jimmy, and Cooper’s BarSlippin’ Jimmy will follow Jimmy and his brother Chuck while growing up in the ’70s and will consist of six fully-animated episodes, each an ode to a different movie genre. Slippin’ Jimmy will be animated by Starburns, the animators behind Rick and Morty.

Alpine Shepherd Boy in Better Call Saul

Cooper’s Bar will follow a new character, Cooper (Lou Mustillo), and the various regulars at the bar he owns. The six-episode miniseries will feature series star Rhea Seehorn playing a different character, but the producers have confirmed the miniseries will still be in the Better Call Saul continuity. Seehorn is set to direct and executive produce.

Better Call Saul remains one of the most compelling shows on television, with a slow burn into inevitability that feels nearly Shakespearean, easily keeping pace with Breaking Bad, which has already been cited as one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Better Call Saul borrows the pacing and the look from its parent series, but the stakes and character development feel unique on their own, making it one of the most meticulously crafted stories there is. Though they will have to stick a tough landingBetter Call Saul‘s richness lies in the world it tells its stories in, a world that’ll be a bit richer with these upcoming short-form programs.

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Source: AMC Networks

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