Today’s Wordle Answer – February 16 (#242)


February 16th’s Wordle Answer was somewhat confusing. Luckily, if prompted with some relevant hints, players might be able to guess the correct word.

February 16th’s Wordle answer might be confusing to guess as it’s not a common word in daily conversation. The five-letter word guessing game doesn’t do a great job at providing hints for today’s answer apart from changing the color of the text boxes. Players get six tries to guess the daily Wordle answers, and allows them to build a stream with their vocabulary skills. However, some words can be harder to guess if players don’t use the best word that uses vowels and common letters. 

The only hints players get are when a box changes its color to either green or yellow. These changes are the only visual indication of Wordle’s basic rules, but it’s still worth explaining for newcomers. If a box’s color changes to green, that means the letter that particular box is being used in today’s Wordle answer and is in the correct spot. However, if the box turns yellow, that means the letter is being used in today’s Wordle answer but appears in a different place. 


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 Once players are done solving today’s Wordle puzzle, they have the ability to share their progress on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. When players click on the “Share” button, the action will copy color-coded emoji boxes and the total number of attempts. Players can then share these results of today’s Wordle answer with other players. New players shouldn’t worry, though, as the color boxes do not spoil today’s answers for others and can be easily understood by players who are familiar with the puzzle game. 

Wordle’s February 16, 2022 (#242) Hints & Answer

Players attempting today’s Wordle answer may want a slight nudge before running out of attempts. This is where hints come in handy as it points players in the right direction without giving away the answer. Here are some hints that are similar to crossword puzzle clues and might help players guess today’s Wordle answer:

  • Hint 1: A material used to seal joints or seams against leakage in various structures and piping. 
  • Hint 2: It is also a cleat on a horse’s shoe to prevent slipping.
  • Hint 3: A synonym of the word “sealing.”

Wordle 242 Answer (February 16)

If the above hints didn’t point players to the correct answer, today’s Wordle answer is CAULK. When trying to guess today’s answer, the first word we used was “CATER,” which revealed two letters being used in the right spot. In the second attempt, the word “CHALK” was a perfect word to use as it showed two more letters being used in the correct spot. Once we knew four letters’ boxes turned green, we could easily guess today’s Wordle answer “CAULK.” 

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