Tyra Banks’ Joke To Len Goodman Baffles DWTS Fans


Dancing With The Stars fans discuss Tyra Banks’ confusing joke about Len Goodman dancing in a club and Len’s hilarious response to her.

Dancing With The Stars fans expressed major confusion regarding host Tyra Banks making a joke about judge Len Goodman’s dancing during the Halloween episode. Len is a professional ballroom dancer and has been a judge on DWTS ever since it debuted in 2005. Tyra recently joined the crew as host starting with DWTS season 29 and continuing into the current season, where Alfonso Ribeiro is now a co-host.

During the DWTS Halloween episode, Len made a comment to young TikTok dancer Charli D’Amelio that her dance made him feel “transported to some club in Argentina.” After the crowd seemingly reacted to Len’s comment, Tyra decided to poke fun at the judge by mocking some dance moves he would do inside a club. However, instead of Tyra’s commentary being funny, Len bluntly told Tyra he had no clue what she was talking about. Fans immediately went on Twitter to express their equal confusion and applaud Len for his remark. User @machidoanca wrote, “Poor Len! Don’t worry we don’t get Tyra either.” Another user, @swiftlybersten, said, “OMFG NOT TYRA EXPLAINING HER JOKE TO LEN HELP MEEE.”


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DWTS Fans Want Tyra Banks Fired

Tyra has been causing a stir with DWTS fans for a while now, and it appears to be worsening as the seasons go on. This has been shown through fans commenting on everything Tyra does on the reality competition series, especially during DWTS season 31. Many fans even believe Len is getting tired of Tyra considering how quick he was to respond to her commentary of his dancing. Tyra proceeding to upset the DWTS audience has led to multiple fans wanting Tyra off the show, with Twitter user @isabella_rose21 saying, “I BEG y’all to fire Tyra please.”

Whether Tyra’s joke was funny or not, it seems as though many fans are rapidly getting tired of her hosting DWTS. It’s getting harder for her to joke around without making the fans feel uncomfortable. Also, the tension between DWTS fans and Tyra makes it challenging for her to even attempt to become a better host. Hopefully, as DWTS progresses, Tyra will be able to get into fans’ good graces.

Len has been known to give blunt honesty, especially to the dancers on DWTS, though his remark to Tyra along with his confusion appeared to be humorous for many watching the episode, especially since many understood how he was feeling at that moment. Since Len has been a part of DWTS for about 17 years now, it is no wonder why Dancing With The Stars fans are quick to provide him with props for his response to Tyra.

Dancing With The Stars streams Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on Disney+.

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Sources: @machidoanca/Twitter, @swiftlybersten/Twitter, @isabella_rose21/Twitter

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