Vice City’s Secret Scarface Room Explained


There are many Easter eggs hidden in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but there is one dedicated to the movie Scarface that stands out among the rest. Featuring a unique facade to the brutal remains of an event that became one of the most infamous scenes in the movie, this secret is perceived as one of the most interesting locations of the game. And with GTA 6’s leaked Vice City setting, a refresh of this Easter egg could be a part of the next installment of the franchise.


GTA: Vice City’s main story shares several similarities with Scarface’s, and the game is littered with references to the movie. Tommy Vercetti’s name is passably similar to Tony Montana’s, the movie’s protagonist, and their trajectory throughout the respective stories result in the death of powerful drug dealers, Ricardo Diaz and Frank Lopez. Not only that, but the Vercetti Estate in Vice City is full of rooms which share designs like the ones present in the movie’s own mansion location, including the iconic palm tree wallpaper from Scarface. However, one of these references is hidden in a secret location which has become one of the most notable parts of the game.

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Located in an apartment complex in the southern part of Ocean Beach, Apartment 3C is one of the best hidden Easter eggs in GTA: Vice City. It has an extremely unique appearance, with players entering a relatively normal room at first and then being led towards the bathroom, which contains the remains of what appears to have been a very violent event. This Easter egg also features an extremely intriguing story behind it, being a direct reference to one of the most influential scenes in Scarface.

The Apartment 3C Scarface Easter Egg In GTA: Vice City

The apartment complex in which this Easter Egg is located is unassuming at a first glance, even appearing inaccessible, but certain features, such as the presence of a Unique Stunt Jump, can draw players’ attention and lead them to the open door of Apartment 3C, a location so notable that its revival in the remastered version of the game helped make Vice City – Definitive Edition the trilogy’s best game. When entering it, players discover a bathroom marked by the remains of an unknown massacre. In the center of the room, lies a chainsaw, a new weapon which will replace any that the character is currently holding, which can be used to wreak havoc for as long as they like.

Although the GTA games have an intrinsic level of violent content to them, this massacre wasn’t the result of any in-game characters, but rather a reference to an infamous scene in Scarface, in which Tony and his friend Angel are taken to a hotel room that looks very similar to the apartmetn in Vice City to make a deal. Tony is then led into the bathroom once the deal goes wrong and is forced to watch as his friend be dismembered with a chainsaw, though he is saved from the same gruesome death.

GTA 6 could finally improve Vice City’s setting by reviving the Apartment 3C Easter egg through a side-quest similar to the Red Dead Redemption 2 serial killer mystery. This special location is one of the most infamous parts of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, both because of its unique setting and the popularity of the movie being referenced. Its refresh in the next installment of the series could make it even better, creating a nostalgia factor surrounding Apartment 3C as well as making it into an entertaining puzzle players can try to solve.

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