Wednesday Season 2 Story Hint Supports A Morticia Addams Theory


Wednesday’s creators have revealed details regarding season 2’s story direction, which supports a theory regarding Morticia Addams’ future.

WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS for Wednesday season 1!The teased story details for Wednesday season 2 support a theory regarding Morticia Addams’ (Catherine Zeta-Jones) evolving arc and dynamic with her daughter. Aside from main character Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega), the Addams family members were primarily recurring or guest characters in Wednesday season 1, including a cameo appearance from Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester. While Pugsley, Gomez, and Morticia were back in New Jersey for most of Wednesday season 1’s story, Morticia still played a vital role in her daughter’s journey at Nevermore Academy, though this dynamic may change significantly after the finale’s tragedies.


After Wednesday tried to escape Morticia’s Nevermore legacy, understand their shared psychic powers, and investigate her parents’ connection to the multi-generational murder mystery in season 1, the mother and daughter’s complex relationship will be greatly expanded on in the highly anticipated Wednesday season 2. According to series co-creator Al Gough, Wednesday season 2 will prioritize the evolution of Morticia and Wednesday’s relationship, indicating Zeta-Jones could take on a more prominent role in the follow-up season. As Morticia sends Wednesday back to her alma mater for another semester, there are apt to be plenty more surprises in store for the mother-daughter duo, which could involve bringing them much closer together than in season 1.

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Season 2’s Wednesday & Morticia Focus Supports Nevermore Principal Theory

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Wednesday and Morticia’s relationship being at the forefront of Wednesday season 2 suggests the pair will be seen together far more often, which reasonably could only happen if Morticia was more present at Nevermore Academy. This story tease supports the theory that Morticia Addams will become Nevermore’s new principal in Wednesday season 2, thus exacerbating Morticia and Wednesday’s problems by placing them in such close proximity again. Considering Wednesday’s season 1 finale saw the tragic death of Principal Larissa Weems, Nevermore is in need of a new leader, and Morticia Addams would be a realistic replacement.

It’s far easier to explore the evolving relationship between Wednesday and Morticia when they’re actually together, but Wednesday season 2 can’t reuse the 1992 Gates murder to bring Zeta-Jones’ character back to Jericho. Consequently, Morticia potentially working at Nevermore as the Interim Principal is the most organic way to see the women of the Addams family tree interact more often. While The Addams Family matriarch being Nevermore’s principal would inevitably make Wednesday’s mother-daughter rivalry worse, it would force the characters to confront their issues and actually make progress with their changing relationship.

Why Morticia Becoming Nevermore Principal Makes Sense For Wednesday Season 2

Netflix; Jenna Ortega; Luis Guzman; Catherine Zeta Jones; Isaac Ordonez

Wednesday season 1 emphasizes the great influence of Gomez’s ancestors on Nevermore Academy’s history, so it would be logical for the school’s next principal to be part of the Addams family. Morticia may be an Addams by marriage, but she also has two children who will continue the family’s legacy at the outcast school, as Pugsley will also likely attend Nevermore in Wednesday’s future. Even without her connection to the family, young Morticia Frump was a legendary figure at Nevermore Academy due to her extracurricular involvement, leadership, and love for the school, with such history presumably being prioritized when choosing Principal Larissa Weems’ successor.

Morticia becoming Nevermore’s principal in Wednesday season 2 would also ensure that tribute is paid to Larissa Weems’ memory, as Morticia and Larissa were roommates while students at Nevermore. In addition to making up for errors in her friendship with Larrisa, teaching at Nevermore would allow Morticia to redeem her reputation in Jericho after Gomez was accused of murdering Garrett Gates. As the outcasts at Nevermore Academy recover from Laurel Gates’ murder plot, the Addams family can utilize this time to heal rifts in the community while also reigniting their influence over the school’s direction, with Morticia being a qualified figure to lead this effort in Wednesday season 2.

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