What Happened To Garrick Merrifield After Season 3


Garrick Merrifield was a controversial cast member in Seeking Sister Wife. Since season 3, Garrick’s marital status has become even more complicated.

Garrick Merrifield and his family underwent a massive transformation during Seeking Sister Wife season 3, and fans are desperate to know what Garrick has been up to since his days as a reality TV star. Garrick and his wife, Dannielle Merrifield, made a memorable impression on viewers throughout the one season they attempted to expand their relationship into a plural marriage, but the pair appear to have fallen upon hard times since Seeking Sister Wife season 3 concluded. From his relationship with Roberta to Dannielle’s absence on social media, here’s what happened to Garrick Merrifield after season 3.


Garrick came across ass unlikable in Seeking Sister Wife because of the way he treated Dannielle as they transitioned from monogamy to polygamy. Before Garrick suggested welcoming another wife into their marriage, he and Dannielle lived conventional lives. Garrick and Dannielle were married for over 10 years and had two sons, but Garrick wanted more out of his life. Garrick shared that he was suddenly motivated to have another wife while reading the bible, where polygamy is featured. Dannielle clearly had her reservations, but Garrick went along with his plans to infuse Roberta into their family. His relationships with Roberta and Dannielle have kept fans wondering what happened to Garrick Merrifield after season 3.

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By the end of Seeking Sister Wife season 3, Garrick was struggling to incorporate Roberta into his marriage with Dannielle. On top of Dannielle Merrifield’s reluctance to embrace Roberta as her sister wife, the coronavirus pandemic prevented Garrick from welcoming Roberta to his home. Just before she planned to leave Mexico and join Garrick and Dannielle in the United States, Roberta discovered that she contracted the COVID-19 virus. Fortunately, Garrick’s social media confirms that Roberta was eventually able to spend time with the Merrifield family in Colorado. On Instagram, Garrick has shared plenty of pictures with Roberta since the end of Seeking Sister Wife season 3. In August, Garrick posted photos from his first trip with Roberta to Cabo. Garrick went on to confirm that he and Roberta were still going strong on October 1 when he posted pictures of them cuddling in bed.

Although Garrick has done his best to maintain privacy since the conclusion of Seeking Sister Wife, fans have found everything Garrick Merrifield omits from his social media to be extremely informative. Specifically, the Merrifield family’s followers have noted that there is no trace of Dannielle on Garrick’s Instagram. In the 50-plus pictures Garrick’s posted since Seeking Sister Wife, the reality star’s wife is nowhere to be found. This implies that Garrick broke up with Dannielle after season 3. Although Dannielle has been absent from his Instagram, Garrick has kept his followers updated in other areas of his life since Seeking Sister Wife. Garrick’s kept busy with his hobbies which include working out and exploring the snowy mountains of Colorado. While it’s unlikely he’s seen Dannielle recently, Garrick has posted plenty of pictures chronicling the time he’s spent with his sons after Seeking Sister Wife season 3.

He might not be the most popular Seeking Sister Wife cast member, but viewers couldn’t help but wonder what happened to Garrick Merrifield after season 3. While he’s decided to keep a low profile, Garrick’s social media indicates that the polygamist is done with Dannielle and enjoying his new life with his children. Unfortunately, the end of Garrick and Dannielle’s marriage is one thing Seeking Sister Wife fans saw coming.

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Source: Garrick Merrifield/Instagram

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