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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Andor season 1.Andor season 1 ended with the reunion of Andor and Luthen, leading to many a question over what happens to the duo in the eventual Andor season 2. Andor‘s first three-episode arc introduced Cassian to Luthen, who has begun building the fledgling Rebel Alliance alongside Mon Mothma. After enlisting Cassian’s aid in the Aldhani job, much of Andor season 1 has revolved around Luthen’s attempts to kill Cassian to tie up loose ends, with Andor’s season finale subverting this and having the titular character fully join Luthen’s cause.


This team-up massively sets up the story of Andor season 2, as well as what happens to both individual characters. From things known about broader Star Wars canon, aspects hinted at in season 1, and knowing where the Rebel Alliance is by the time Rogue One takes place, it can be reasonably speculated as to where the duo goes in Andor’s sophomore season. Andor is known to survive until the end of Rogue One, providing Luthen a more ambiguous future – though it’s clear the two should be fundamental in the Rebel Alliance’s creation in Andor season 2.

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Luthen & Cassian Will Help Properly Start The Rebellion In Andor

Mon Mothma, Cassian Andor, and Luthen Rael in Andor

One thing that Andor season 1 made clear was that the Rebellion is in its very early stages. As also explored in Star Wars: Rebels, the Rebellion only consists of disparate rebel cells at this point in the timeline. Luthen, along with Mon Mothma, is trying to band those rebel cells together by tightening the Empire’s grip, breeding the acts of rebellion through the Empire’s suffocation. However, at the end of Andor season 1, both Luthen and Mon Mothma have their own issues, which means the larger Rebel Alliance is not yet formed.

With Andor joining Luthen at the end of Andor season 1, it can be inferred that the former has a much bigger role in the actual formation of the Rebellion than first thought. Given how Andor season 2 is expected to take place across the four years between season 1 and Rogue One, and the Rebellion’s official formation in 2BBY thanks to Mon Mothma, it is likely that both Luthen and Andor will have pivotal roles. As Mothma’s role in forming the Rebellion is showcased from her side in the Star Wars: Rebels timeline, Andor could establish other elements in play at that time through Luthen and Andor.

What Happens Next To Cassian Andor (Before Rogue One)

Cassian Andor and K-2SO in Rogue-One.

One thing known to happen to Cassian between Andor season 1 and Rogue One is his meeting with K-2SO. This meeting was shown in a canon one-shot comic, and will likely be adapted in Andor season 2 given its place in the timeline and Gilroy’s teases over K-2SO’s potential appearance in the show. This meeting took place on a planet named Wecacoe, to which Cassian is sent to retrieve Imperial intelligence. While on the mission, Cassian and his allies are confronted by KX-series security droids. Cassian manages to subdue one of them, wipe its memory, and obtain the Imperial data, with the droid becoming the K-2SO known from Rogue One.

Will Luthen Die In Andor Season 2?

Luthen Rael in Andor Episode 10.

Arguably the biggest question regarding Luthen’s character in Andor season 2 is whether he will live to see the end of it. Of all the characters introduced in Andor season 1, only Cassian, Mon Mothma, Saw Gerrera, and Melshi are known to survive as far as the events of Rogue One. Luthen, however, is more of a mystery, which is interesting given his integral role in the show. Because Luthen is an original creation for Andor who is seemingly integral to the basis of the Rebellion showcased more in Rogue One and the original trilogy, it is highly likely that he is killed at some point in Andor season 2.

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While the showrunners could make the decision to simply retire Luthen, the themes of the show – as well as Luthen’s own spectacular monologue in Andor episode 10 – make it more likely for him to be killed. Andor is a much more mature Star Wars show than any that have come before, and Luthen has self-admittedly resigned himself to fighting for a sunrise he will never see. All of this hints towards Luthen dying fighting the Empire in Andor season 2 – something he rightfully predicted would happen to his newfound teammate Cassian at the onset of season 1.

New episodes of Andor release on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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