Where to Find The Whispering Slab in God of War: Ragnarök


Whispering Slabs are crafting materials in God of War: Ragnarök that Nordic adventurers can find in lootable containers throughout their journey.

Not to be confused with a Combat Bow from Destiny 2, the Whispering Slab in God of War: Ragnarök is a resource used for upgrading a wide variety of gear, including The Furious Maul, Haur’s Lucky Knob, and Lion’s Roar Sauroter. The world of Ragnarök is a dangerous place, so Kratos and Atreus will need every upgrade advantage they can get to conquer their foes. Therefore, collecting valuable materials like Whispering Slabs is important for gameplay progression. Of course, it might be possible for skilled challengers to complete the entire story without upgrades, but such an endeavor is not recommended for the average player.


To get Whispering Slabs for upgrading gear, players must loot random treasure chests found throughout God of War: Ragnarök. Unlike Runic Attacks or key items, Whispering Slabs is a common crafting resource that can be found anywhere in any chest. This does not mean every chest will contain this material, but players are bound to stumble upon it as they explore the realms and progress through the main campaign. Accordingly, it is crucial that players loot every chest they see to ensure they find Whispering Slabs.

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Finding Whispering Slabs in God of War: Ragnarök

Kratos Looking at a Chest Containing Whispering Slabs in God of War Ragnarök

Dot Esports claims the best way to “farm” Whispering Slabs in God of War: Ragnarök is by completing the many Favour side quests that players receive during their journey. These Favours often not only introduce fans to more lore and new locations, but these quests are also a great source of valuable resources, such as Whispering Slabs. Keep in mind that the slabs are not given as a direct reward for completing Favours in God of War: Ragnarök. Instead, participants will likely find materials in the multiple chests found along the linear pathways of these missions.

According to findings by Attack of the Fanboy, treasure chests appear to be the only source of Whispering Slabs in God of War: Ragnarök, as there are no enemy types that drop this material. As a result, some adventurers might feel that finding this resource is a challenge and chore due to its scarcity.

To prevent such discouragement, players are encouraged to do as many Favours as they can since side quest activities often lead Kratos and Atreus to new locations where resources can be obtained. Once players gather enough Whispering Slabs for an upgrade, they can visit Huldra Brothers’ workshop to modify their gear in God of War: Ragnarök.

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Source: Dot Esports | Attack of the Fanboy

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