Which Emily In Paris Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?


The Netflix show Emily in Paris finds Lily Collins’ titular character relocating to Paris for work. A Chicago-based girl who works in marketing, she doesn’t even speak the language or really know anything about this French city. Things get more than a little awkward for the protagonist as she meets her new co-workers and attempts to fit in, though it’s clear that’s probably not going to happen.

Many parts of Emily in Paris are confusing, but the characters from the past two seasons draw viewers in, and fans are looking forward to the third season premiere in December 2022. It’s fun to think about which characters fit into which zodiac signs, as everyone has a distinct personality, whether they are French or American.


Updated on December 12th, 2022 by Aya Tsintziras: Season 3 of the hit Netflix series Emily In Paris will premiere on December 21st, 2022, and viewers are excited to see more of Emily’s exciting and fashionable life. Season 2 introduced some new characters, including Emily’s love interest Alfie and Mindy’s new bandmates, Benoît and Etienne. When looking back on the memorable characters who have been part of both seasons of the show, many of them have personalities that sound like each zodiac sign. From Emily and Mindy to Emily’s co-workers at the Paris office of her company, it’s fun to see which zodiac signs fit which characters.

Aries: Madeline Wheeler

Madeline talking on the phone in Emily In Paris

Madeline (Kate Walsh) is only on the series for a brief moment in season 1, as her pregnancy is the catalyst for Emily getting a job in Paris for a year. Madeline isn’t part of the best Emily In Paris storylines. But the character does suggest that Emily move to a new place, which is what sets off the events of the series, so she’s important to the plot.

Madeline seems like a great manager, though, as she encourages Emily to do well at the company. She’s quirky and seems like a fun person to hang out with as she’s a bit of a party girl. She would definitely be an Aries sign, as these zodiac signs are passionate and strong.

Taurus: Sylvie

Sylvie and Antoine in Emily in Paris

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu’s Emily in Paris character, Sylvie, is a perfect Taurus. The actress has been in many French films and plays Sylvie’s style and poise well. Emily is intimidated by Sylvie from the moment that the two characters meet, and she loves Sylvie’s elegance and sophistication.

As soon as Emily walks through the office door, Sylvie is determined not to be nice to her. Sylvie doesn’t think that Emily should even be here and doesn’t know how this is going to work out. Sylvie is incredibly stubborn, just like a Taurus, and she also doesn’t like when things change quickly and without any notice. It’s moving seeing how Sylvie changes her opinion of Emily as the show goes on as she does learn to like her a bit more.

Gemini: Camille

Emily and Camille walking outside in Emily In Paris

Camille (Camille Razat) is one of the people whom Emily becomes close to in Paris, although things get awkward fast because Camille is dating Emily’s love interest, Gabriel. Camille has great Emily In Paris outfits and is a fun character to watch.

Gemini signs will recognize themselves in Camille, as she’s interested in the world, doesn’t want to do the same thing every day, and is a friendly, social butterfly. Sometimes Gemini signs like to be by themselves, and Camille seems comfortable with alone time as well. She’s one of the most compelling people on the Netflix series.

Cancer: Gabriel

Emily and Gabriel talking outside in Emily In Paris

Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) is a handsome French chef whom Emily falls for immediately when they meet in their apartment building. It’s hard for Emily to admit this at first, though. Emily has a dramatic love life from the very start of season 1 since she assumes that she can date her boyfriend Doug long-distance but he has other ideas.

Gabriel has a knack for creating delicious and creative dishes. Cancer signs will relate to him, as he’s gentle, sensitive, and wants to do the right thing. He wants to own a restaurant without Camille’s family money, and he can be tight-lipped about his feelings and family background.

Leo: Alfie

Alfie holding coffee and talking to Emily outside in Emily In Paris

Emily meets Alfie in season 2. He’s from London and now living in Paris and is a compelling character for Emily to talk to since he doesn’t want to become part of Paris and thinks of his home fondly. Emily has several love interests throughout seasons 1 and 2 and it will be interesting to see what happens to her romantic life in season 3.

Alfie and Emily have a meet-cute straight out of a romantic comedy. They take French lessons and are told that they have to work together. This makes them realize that they like each other, but they do fight a bit before that.

Leo: Brooklyn

Brooklyn looking serious in Emily In Paris

Emily meets Brooklyn (Carlson Young) when the actress travels to Paris, and she’s pretty much every stereotype of an A-list Hollywood celebrity. Brooklyn doesn’t make things easy on the people who work for her, but she’s an entertaining character to watch because of that.

Brooklyn has a bold confidence and commands attention. She’s extremely demanding and nothing seems to be up to her standards. Even though Emily enjoyed watching her in many rom-coms, Emily isn’t impressed when she actually meets Brooklyn.

Virgo: Emily Cooper

Emily takes a selfie in Emily in Paris

Just like Carrie Bradshaw moves to Paris on Sex and the City, Emily is facing a new city and a new life. Emily In Paris is a great fish out of water show and allows viewers to put themselves in Emily’s shoes. What would life in a brand new place be like?

Emily seems like a Virgo main character because she’s organized and a bit of a workaholic. She wants to do the best that she can and it’s very important to her that she gets praise at the office. She tries to have more fun when she gets the chance, but it’s hard for her to forget the task-oriented side of her brain.

Libra: Luc

Luc looking serious in Emily In Paris

Bruno Gouery’s character Luc sounds like a Libra sign, as these are very caring people who want fairness and think about the people and the world around them. Luc is always kind and compassionate and a great part of the office.

Even though his co-workers don’t think that anyone should welcome Emily into the office, Luc loves her right away and tries to help her out with French culture. He wants her to feel comfortable and at ease, and he seems to think that it’s only fair if she enjoys her time in the city.

Scorpio: Antoine Lambert

Antoine sitting down in a suit in Emily In Paris

The perfumer Antoine Lambert (William Abadie) is passionate and thinks that he owns the world — or maybe just Paris. He sends Emily lingerie, which freaks her out, and is sleeping with Sylvie even though he’s married.

Antoine is just like a Scorpio: passionate and someone who doesn’t want others looking into his private life. It’s tough to like Antoine because he’s a flirt and he’s used to other people thinking that he’s charming and attractive. Emily can see right through him, which shows fans that she’s intelligent.

Sagittarius: Benoît

Benoit talking to Mindy in a park in Emily In Paris

Benoît and Mindy become friends when they sing together and their scene on the Seine is beautiful and moving. He’s a great guitar player and quickly develops romantic feelings for Mindy. Season 2 definitely has a lot of romance.

Benoît sounds like a Sagittarius sign as he shares some personality traits with this zodiac sign. Benoît is happy, at peace, chill, and a free spirit. Sagittarius signs like travel and freedom, and they also have a lot of passion. Mindy is a great character, and it’s smart to give her more plotlines in season 2.

Sagittarius: Mindy Chen

Emily and Mindy talking on a bench in Emily In Paris

Emily’s relationship with Mindy Chen (Ashley Park) is pretty surface level in season 1. But with time, things deepen between the characters, which is moving to watch. Mindy shares that she was part of a reality series in China but had trouble singing as she got scared. People made fun of Mindy, which was the impetus for her moving to Paris, where she works as a nanny in season 1.

Mindy is a Sagittarius for sure, as she loves feeling free, traveling, and not living the life that her dad expects. She left home and came to Paris so she can do whatever she wants and for this zodiac sign, that’s perfection.

Capricorn: Doug

Doug in Emily In Paris

Capricorn signs will find they share qualities with Doug (Roe Hartrampf), Emily’s American boyfriend who breaks up with her once she makes the big move. Doug is one of the least likable Emily In Paris characters. He doesn’t show her any kindness, respect, or understanding and only thinks about how this move will affect his life.

Doug doesn’t want to do long-distance, and she doesn’t understand why he thinks that living somewhere else is such a bad thing. Doug is very traditional and wants life to follow a certain path, just like this zodiac sign.

Aquarius: Julien

Julien on the phone in Emily in Paris

Emily meets her co-workers at the Paris office of her company right away and no one seems that pleased to see her. Julien (Samuel Arnold) is one of Emily’s colleagues. He’s somewhere in between totally mean and warm and welcoming. He doesn’t seem to love that Emily is there, but he’s not a complete jerk, either.

Julien would be an Aquarius, as this zodiac sign tends to live in between introversion and extroversion. Sometimes they can be talkative and other times they want to be quiet. It’s fun seeing Luc and Julien together at the office.

Pisces: Etienne

Mindy and Etienne talking in a park in Emily In Paris

Mindy, Benoît and Etienne are in a band together, and it’s great seeing more of Mindy’s music world in season 2. After learning in season 1 that Mindy loves to sing but has an embarrassing moment in her past that has made her put that dream on pause, it’s satisfying seeing Mindy chasing this goal again. Since Etienne is a musician and a creative person, he sounds like a Pisces sign.

Many Pisces signs are musical, and they are often sensitive and think about others’ emotions as much as they do their own. Because Pisces signs are clever and have a lot of gut instincts and intuition, that makes them well-suited to creatively-minded jobs.

Pisces: Pierre Cadault

Pierre Cadault looking serious in Emily In Paris

Pierre (Jean-Christophe Bouvet) is a famous French fashion designer whom Emily works with. He’s tough but very emotional, so if anyone is a Pisces sign, this is their Emily in Paris character.

Like a few other Emily In Paris characters who are artistic, Pierre is a sensitive soul and cares deeply about the career that he has been building for a long time. Pierre doesn’t want people wearing his designs unless he feels that they really deserve it, and he definitely has an artistic temperament.

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